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I got the book from the library and have read it through.

Its a shame the papers gave it such a write up, 'cause I think I was reading a different book.

It is set in a nuclear type winter, were most of the human race has been killed off by hunger or the cold. The main character has a strange form of amnesia where she forgets everyone virtually every other scene. Initial this is quite nice but after the tenth time is very annoying.

Dont expect a good disaster novel, it isnt, its all about her not remembering or remembering. The plot jumps forward and back and all over the place. Characters appear and disappear depending on wether she can remember them. Theres very little description.

The most annoying factor is that its written in first person, with lots and lots of speach with no speach marks. So you dont know when someone is talking or not talking.

There is a massive twist in the tail, and yes the plot wraps round on itself which is even more confusing.

In Conclusion it was a very good idea but could have been done a lot better.
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