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It occurs to me that when I am behind one of my guns, I am a close to
real peace as I am ever going to get in this world.

wAIT! -----

A few moments-- just a few moments to say why. Please?

I own a fast car. 350z. --60 mph in 5.5 sec. but I have never had
a speeding ticket. *Breathe* it is all --All about control. The powerful
engine allows me considerable freedom from worry. Say I was a runner
and when I was driving I had to put out more effort to get speed--
Well, now you understand. I consider it a gift- an advantage-
to be quite capable of a sustained bust of real power.


Behind the trigger of my powerful guns- my most recent a nice 7.62x54r
semi-automatic rifle. *Breathe*-- it is all about control.

My abillity to direct and precisely unleash such power gives me
pause--- my mind becomes quiet, my consciousness awareness purely
extenal. I must control the car, I must control the rifle. I must- therefore
any internal chatter ceases. And I find peace.

I have used winter camping in -30 degree temperatures for a week to
gain a simular state of peace in the past. One must stay outside of
oneself or risk considerable liability for the lapse of attention to the
task at hand.

That is what I mean.

The Peace of having to get beyond my internal chatter is as close to
real peace as I may ever experience.

Anyone? :)

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The only thing that gives me any inner peace is when I watch my kids sleep. Other than that, my mind is always running, and I mean always. Sometimes so bad that I'll lay awake in bed staring at the ceiling for 3-5 hours before my mind will allow me some rest.

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When I instructed at FLETC I tried to get students to experience the Zen of shooting. Once they had that experience it all came together for them and they "got it". Congratulations, you're on your way to becoming a shooter.
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