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The price of dried beans

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Yesterday my wife and I had to go to wal-mart and pick up a few things. For those of you that do not know, my town has only 2 grocery stores in it - walmart and a brookshire brothers.

1# bag of dried pinto beans - .58

2# bag of dried pinto beans - $1.58

The 2# pound bags were freshly stocked and I guess they reflect the most recent price changes.

The 1# bags had not been stocked in a few days / maybe a week - so I guess they reflect the old price.

By using the price of .58, a 2 pound bag should cost @$1.16, not $1.58. I expect the next price hike to drive a 1# bag of dried beans to @.70 - which is about a 20 - 30% increase.

If you have recently bought a 1# or 2# bag of dried beans, what was the brand name and price?
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Well I went to Sam's club and Costco today. At Sam's club the dried pintos were $12.76 per 25 lb bag (that's .51 cents per lb).... DH.
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