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A bit of a cold?

Bless him, and his family. So good to see a president who is not shy about publicly promoting God and family. I know the annual prayer breakfasts were always painful for Obama to attend. Wonder why....

Too many people have been hurt and we can't let that go on, and he will be discussing it later at the White House.

Maybe there will be a meaningful punishment for Pelosi et al for perpetrating this multi million dollar fraud, the willful squandering of hard earned taxpayer money.

Huh, I bet Nancy was sitting there looking for something to rip up. Wonder if she shredded the table cloth?

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SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO DID NOT WATCH AND WISH TO WATCH LATER!... this is from his 12pm statement at the White House

I have written below a bulleted summary and will use white font so you can highlight and read if you don't plan on watching. But if you do... then skip this post.

  • President Trump mentioned the Steele Dossier
  • He said the FISA courts should be ashamed
  • Very early on he mentioned firing James Comey
  • He mentioned Russia (“Russia Russia Russia”)
  • He mentioned Bob Mueller
  • He mentioned the Hillary campaign financed the Steele dossier
  • President Trump stated that if what was done to him had been done to Obama, the plotters would’ve bene in prison for a very long time
  • He mentioned this was a hoax
  • He called out Pelosi and mentioned 1 year ago she was against it
  • But my favorite: he pulled out a sheet of paper and read some of the Page-Strzok texts and called the top of the FBI “top scum” and said the FBI’s got great agents who also despise the corrupt leadership and mentioned that these disgraceful and disgraced former FBI agents now want to sue the U.S.

A comeuppance for the ages. The congressional Democrats, deep state plotters, Hillary, Obama, Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, the squad, and every single Trump-hating person who thinks President Trump is a “Russian agent” is most likely sweating in rate and stewing in this historic victory for President Trump which to them is a humiliation they will never forget.

What an amazing week. First, the Iowa caucuses revealed yet another round of DNC corruption as Bernie Sanders was cheated yet again – and these people want to run nationwide healthcare? Then, President Trump delivers a knock-it-out-of-the-park SOTU address, during which various American heroes and salt-of-the-Earth Americans are honored while almost all the Democrats sit there pouting like spoiled brats (to the extent Democrat voters called C-Span to express their fury and to vow never to vote Democrat again). Then, the Senate acquits President Trump and ends yet another anti-POTUS farce... and today, President Trump himself tells the entire nation on live TV what they did and actually reads some of the Page-Strzok texts and calls some of the culprits “scum” and “evil” and sick.”

A delightful week.

Rom 14:1, 13; Jam 4:11-12
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A comeuppance for the ages.
The comeuppance for the ages will be when the Deep State & FBI top scum are jailed.

Destroying 30,000 government emails, smashing cell phones with hammers, tearing up a state document on national TV, lying under oath repeatedly. These evil doers have the audacity to say Trump is not above the law - for not breaking any laws. :upsidedown:
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