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The offical hurricane survival question and answer thread

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Having been through hurricanes Ike and Rita, evacuated for hurricane Andrew, and having worked an evacuee shelter for hurricane Katrina, I am here to answer your questions.

People that have been through a hurricane are welcome to help answer questions.

Have at least 1 week of food and water for every person in your group
Evacuate low lying areas
LED flashlights are better then old style bulbed flashlights
Buy lithium batteries
Buy LED flashlights with long battery life and low lumens for inside the house
Candles and kids do not mix
Secure important papers
Do not forget about pets

Take hurricanes seriously, they are nothing to play with

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or you could close the drain plug or use a rubber plug to stop the water from going down the drain.....
Plugs leak unless your drain is brand new with no little pits or bumps in it. If you don't have a tarp to keep the integrity, scour around the drain and duct tape over it. Then get a fruit can and fill it with a ziplock of gravel, rocks, or something as heavy as you can find and put it on top of the duct tape. This will effectively seal the drain and you'll keep all the water in the tub.
One thing I will add is this: Unless you are on the water with nothing protecting you from the storm, there's not much to worry about. As long as you're a mile or two off the water with a good stand of trees between you and the storm, you'll be fine. I don't get worried unless the sustained winds are 130mph or more.
Can you explain this to the people in Vermont right now? They're more then 100 miles away from the water and have plenty of trees between them and the storm.
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Oh I had a good stand of trees between me and Katrina all right. The only problem was, a lot of them ended up in my street and on my house. The biggest one that came down missed my car in the garage by only a few feet. And as for that mile or two off the water part . . .
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