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Well gang, I just joined this outfit this morning and it's my first thread so please bear with me.

In our mutual quest for useful things in the world of survival how many have thought of the benefits of the lowly $2.99 garden potting shovel? It's cheap, light weight, takes up almost no room and can be tossed in a vest, BOB or BOV.

So here we go...

You can dig with it. (duh)
A cat hole to bury human waste
A rain trench to divert water from a shelter tarp
Dig a hole for water collection (seepage)
Dig out a stuck tire in a pinch
Dig for wild edible roots
Dig a snow cave?

For cutting, slicing, scrapping or chopping pre-file one edge sharp. Cover with masking tape to maintain edge and prevent inadvertant slicing. (NOT DUCT TAPE) Now you have a skinning tool or chopping tool and you can save that sharp edge on the knife. It's cheap metal so you can just sharpen the edge on a rock.

You can wrap your duct tape supply around the handle. Or better yet, remove the factory handle and make a duct tape handle. Now you have lots of duct tape.

Speaking of handle, try removing it and taking a few bux worth of PVC pipe and fashion a hollow handle and store fishing gear. Drill a hole in the tip to tie your fishing line to it and now you have a fishing pole.

An expedient weapon? I really don't think getting jabbed in the gut or throat with one would feel real good. At the least it could buy some escape and evade seconds.

Anyone have any opinions, comment's or idea's I might have missed?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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