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Way cool.....To my fellow bugslingers, we are now cool.... :cool:

Dear Firehole Friends,

We are delighted to share a lovely, humorous, heartfelt book, I've Never Met an Idiot on the River, which was recently published by our dear friend and annual guest, Henry Winkler.

Henry Winkler's new book about family, photography and fly-fishing is a gem. Whether you're a fly-fishing enthusiast or you relate to his enthusiasm for the simplicity of the outdoors, I highly recommend it!

To be perfectly honest, the Firehole Family is overwhelmingly grateful to Henry and his family for their friendship over the years and we are deeply touched to be mentioned in his book. He truly captures the essence of fishing in Montana. Here's one of my favorite passages:

My heart lives in New York, where I was born and raised.
My body lives in Los Angeles, where I do much of my work.
My soul lives in Montana, where I fish.

Henry and his family visit Firehole Ranch annually to escape the busy-ness of everyday life. Henry explains, "I am most at peace on a river in Montana. I liken the experience to a washing machine for my brain. Being there is transforming."

In honor of Henry's accomplishment, every guest this season will receive a complimentary book.

If you miss visiting us this summer, you won't want to miss this delightfully warm and optimistic book. We invite you to visit your local bookstore or go to to order your very own copy.

We appreciate Henry sharing his life experiences with us and now with others. Tight lines and big smiles from all of us.


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