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I challenge you to watch these three videos

... and spend as much time as you want after watching them trying to disprove them .... there was no bigger skeptic than me until I spent 12 months researching after watching ...

Well done movie quality by Aarron Russo who made such films as 48 hours with eddie murphy and nick nolte among others....

INTERVIEW to watch before watching movie ... to facism&emb=0

Actual Movie -- really an interesting movie and eye opening particularly for SKEPTICS AS I WAS like you less than 24 months ago... to facism&emb=0

HOW MONEY IS CREATED - money = debt
best video Ive seen that takes out the lingo and makes it easy to understand for ALL -- watch this after the interview and movie

After watching the above three I challenge you to go to my blog ... ... read the articles and watch the videos starting in 2007 those are more pertinent ...

after all that I challenge you to still not believe ... i dont see how you can ... even researching anything you feel is not the truth ... you will find by research actual history... that it is :(

its a decent amount of time invested to do this ... so please take your time ... think and research after you watch .. read ...

I do not see how anyone of decent intelligence can argue any further after taking in all the evidence Ive just groupped for you from several sources ... that we are not being Fleeced and robbed over american wealth over time..

maybe you will not think of me and RON PAUL and others in prominent positions around the country that are finally waking up as "internet wackos" after you you do this

.... its actually all very interesting and not boring nor a waste of time becuase it makes you think and research your own belief system ....

a lot of it is very very entertaining so i promise you wont be bored while watching it ... there are a lot more people you would not consider "internet wackos" that are now begining to understand the system and question it ...

Ron Paul s presidential run is an example of the awakening occuring

Ron Paul's son lives 4 doors down from me here in bowling green kentucky he is a doctor as well ... Ron Paul very popular here ... I personally watched doctors Lawyers local and state government officials and local business people listen to ron paul on this very subject and be awoken from their slumber.... the movement is growing ... dont be last to the dance :)

I hope to soon gain you into the fold of truth as well :)

I understand the banking system better than most I think - my father is the largest stock holder a small local community bank ... I have been able to open his eyes as well those on the board after they watched those above three videos in conjuction with reading my other articles and video posts on my blog in 2007 ... the snowball has started to roll ... people are catching on and learning ... and getting dam well mad about it ... all it takes is people to people interactions ... even the president of the bank was Skeptical now he sees ...

we could still have liberals and conservatives in this country disagreeing on the same things they always have disagreed on ....but at some point it is the american peoples duty to vote into office ONLY THOSE CANIDATES that will vow to abolish the FED and the IRS as JOHN F KENNEDY TRIED TO DO ...

when the movement is great enough liberals and conservatives will be able to at least come together on this one issue and vote out those that seek to protect the system and put in those that wish to abolish the further raping of this countrys wealth which EFFECTS EVERYONE...

you could begin by voting out every representative and senator that voted for the bailout package no matter the party ... and put others on notice of what we expect ... or they will not be voted back in ...!

Even though I am voting for Mccain .... both he and Obama voted for the bailout .... so Mccain gets my vote for 4 years only then he is out ...

Find out in your own districts who voted for and against bailouts ... and spread the word ... vote them out ... and begin anew ... eventually I think we can get a majority in through grass roots that will support the abolishment of the FED and its collection wing the IRS ( IRS not needed to collect Corporate taxes at least in its current form )


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