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So, people on this forum rant against Chinese/communist/socialist products like Cold Steel, which by the way ARE NOT MADE IN CHINA, for the EXACT OPPOSITE reason that they rant against the current US government.

What do I mean?

Well, in my view, there is a really good reason to be wary of Chinese products. What is it? Well, the Chinese government puts very few controls (read: regulations) on the companies that they allow to produce and export items within their country. So, they end up processing plastics in containers that were formerly used to store hazardous chemicals and pesticides, for example. The Chinese are corrupt, lazy, racist and delusional to boot. Their false pride leads to tragic negative externalities.

At the same time, people on this forum rant against any type of government intervention within the US. Do people think that the nature of Chinese corruption is so different from US corruption?

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