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Title: The Biggle Poultry Book
Author: Jacob Biggle

Published in 1895 as part of the Biggle Farm Library. Reprinted in 2013 by Skyhorse Publishing ( . ISBN 978-1-62636-1147-8

(Disclaimer: of historic / hobby interest & some treatments are out-dated and / or inappropriate.)

Preppers anticipating an EMP or CME with the attendant loss of electricity and a return to an 1800's lifestyle might possibly find some helpful ideas and techniques to supplement their preparations.

Delightful and useful book for the person interested in how poultry was successfully kept and marketed around the turn of the 20th century when there was commonly no electricity available to farmers.
Jacob Biggle, the author, states in the introduction that he has "not written this book for the poultry fancier, . . . but for the Practical farm or village man or woman."


The book contains color prints of popular poultry breeds of the day.
Poultry discussed include chickens, turkey, guinea fowls, ducks, geese, and pigeons.


Each chapter begins with a quote from either Tim or Tim's Wife (characters that supply distilled knowledge) to set the tone and topic for that chapter. "The hen turns grass into greenbacks, grain into gold, and even coins silver out of sand."

At the end of each chapter is a short list of pithy, practical advice. For example, "In April showers look after the young broods. A saturated solution of chicken is no good except for soup."


Scattered throughout the chapters are descriptions/instructions and drawings of equipment, some of which are purchased but most of which are constructed by the poultry keeper. There is also extensive information on how farmers of the time prevented poultry health problems and treated disease when a veterinarian wasn't an option.

A small book, clearly and simply imparting practical information for the turn-of-the-century poultry keeper, this contribution to to the Biggle Farm Library is a little gem of historic interest.

Chapter Headings
Fattening and Marketing
Diseases and Enemies
Parts of the Chicken
The Egg
Eggs for Hatching
Hatching the Eggs
Chicks with Hens
Chicks with Brooders
Early Broilers
Hens Expressly for Eggs
The Farmer's Flock
The Village Hennery
Breeds of Chickens
Turkeys and Guinea Fowl
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