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This forum is an excellent source of information. Grats to you all. I went through the 4,000+ threads in the General Preparedness catagory and pulled out the ones that answer the questions burning in my mind. Generally, these questions include:

1) How to store food long term
2) Shelf-Life questions for a variety of foodstuffs
3) How to store water long term
4) what gear to store
5) How to store fuel

There are some other less urgent questions I found good answers for as well. So, here are the threads and links I found most useful on these issues:

Best threads and information for my purposes:Food Preps


Shelf-Life Issues:

building press and pressing sunflower seeds for oil

long-term storage rice/beans/flour/yeast/ etc.




Other supplies and Lists
Gear lists (BOL, BOB, GHB):



First Aid Issues:

Misc. (fuel, etc.)


First Aid: Final 2.pdf

General Gear Lists:

Shelf-life reference:

General Long-term food storage:


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Would it be beneficial to add this sort of list to the faq? Another site i visit, condensed alot of the common inquiries into articles in there faq and it eliminates alot of the same questions over and over so the regulars mostly discuss new ideas and different angles on old ideas.

Wildjo has already done alot of the grueling work of digging up and sorting through the archives, someone would just need to either make articles, or even easier, just put in the list as it is in this post.

Just asn idea. I think it would improve the ease of finding useful information on the site.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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