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No this is not another, what is better thread but rather a question about which is the best set up, configuration of each type. A sort of the best of the best per weapon system.

If you decide to participate, here are the guidelines to follow.

1. Attempt to keep it under $2000 per weapon system.
2. If you wish to submit one of each, go for it.
3. Try to add pics when possible for examples.
4. If you have another selection, instead of whats listed please feel free.
5. Please give an explanation as to why you selected as you did. Whether its a technical break down, or simply because you think it looks cool.

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AK100 or Kiber pass (Triangular) folding stock (I just have the cheap Romanian sidefolder... but I've used all of them)

XS Big Dot Sites

135 Lume Pentagon light (Currently on my 'go to' gun... and WAYYY cheaper then my Surefires)
-Can't help you with the mount... one I use isn't made anymore and I've got spairs.

Ultimak (

Aimpoint mounted on a low mount so that it co witnesses (In short... so that if the battery goes dead you can look through the tube and use the iron sites.)

Blue FOrce Gear Single point sling.

Para Fal (Don't have one, but a buddy owes me the stock for one of my FAL's)

I use the GG&G 'sling thingy' on a FAL carbine... (Don't think they make then anymore, but similar are made.. it's just a plate between the stock and reciever to act as a attachment point for a single point.)

I have an old wilderness single point sling on it... it works and workes well. but I'd probably just go Blue Force Gear.

DSA makes a lower (The upper reciever is the serialised part in a FAL) with AR style rear site (INHO the site is the big weakness of the FAL) it's like $200...
I just have an Old VOR rear that is almost as good.

Should put on a Tritium front sight... but I rarely shoot any of my FAL's anymore and can't justify the cost. (JUST the front... not a rear)

I've got an old series 600 Surefire that has BOTH a pressure switch AND a locking (button) tailcap... You WANT to be able to leave the light on when your hand comes off the pressure switch. (Trust me... found out the hard way)

(Since I'm at it)
M1A Scout rifle (Ok, start with a Fulton... (Which I don't have) but hey... use whatcha got!:D:
Take off that HORRIBLE muzzle break and put on a Vortex (Shoulda put on the one that interfaces w/ a suppressor)
Screw a cheap $5 Weaver rail onto the side of the stock to attach a Surefire to.

Get a Leupold 2.5 power scout scope on GG&G throw levers (So you can take it off and put it back ona nd keep zero)

Aimpoint w/ throw levers.

Tritium front sight (Don't have... but should)

I use both a GI sling, and a Old Tactical Tailor single point.
Blue FOrce Gear makes a Single sling that you can reconfigure to do both depending on what you want.... Just can't justify the money right now...

Sell it and buy a couple of AK's :D:

Ok, you asked:
20 inch barrel (Longer the gas tube, the more reliable. Besides, I've cleared houses with a M249)
Sully Stock
Single point Blue Force gear sling on one of those 'Sling Thingy' type mounts

P mags

Flat top with the Knights armerment company BUIS that is both windage and elevation adjustable

Aimpoint with a 2 mil dot (4 mil will be too big at 400 meters on Peper popers... it'll cover the hole thing)

Any of the lights I mentioned before... there are barrel mounts, and front sight base mounts (I HATE rails.)
...If necessary screw in a single rail like on the M1A...

I'm currently running a different stock than I recomended (Romanian) but I've used the others and they are superior...
Ether works

Big dots take some getting used to... but when you are moving and the target is... they work.

Running an EoTech right now... will get an aimpoint due to battery life and the ability to co witness. (Use Lithiums in the EoTech if you use it... otherwise the heat will kill the AA's)

What I recomended is what works.

IF I had a Para Fal it would be almost as small as the AK.. but superior penatration... Like I said... it's comming.

Edited in: I see below I got off track with the M1A... sorry, what can I say, I liek it better.
Red dot, light sling is all you need on a fighting rifle (Ok, A Tritium front is a good idea too)
So I pit them on the FAL...

Sites suck... I was outshot by a guy with a M1A at 400... Then I shot HIS
M1A and outshot myself (WIth the FAL) ... That day I bought my first M1A.

Then I found the M1A Scout.. .handles MUCH better and the difference between the 18 and 22 inch barrel isn't that many FPS.

Needed a light... the rail was cheap, easy, and I had it in my parts box.

HAd the surefire.. .it worked.

LIKE the Scope... BUt like being able to use Irons or a red dot and not haveing to rezero

Vortex, Rail, Sling, and Leupold... your right at $2,000)
THat'll do you... but it's nice to have the light and Red dot (Also on throw levers)

As to the Flash hider.. .the 'Break' that comes on it HURTS to shoot... (Loud)
so I replaced it, first with a M14 style (No Bayonet lug if you want to get at the gas system) and later the Vortex... It works.

You need a light, red dot, sling...
I just configured it like I would if I still owned one. (I hate them)
-I've still got 1/2 of one... been sitting there for years... no interest.

Tritium fronts are a good idea... the AK is the only one I have one on currently....

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i have a few ak-47s they are all yugo M70AB2 and M70ab1 with an ak-47 just leave it be.
i have 2 ar-15s DPMS m4 and a colt 24 inch long ar-15. DPMS ar-15 has a gas piston set on it that it...

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AR-15: Bushmaster, everything else is over priced.


American fearmaker
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I've gone with a Superior Arms S-15 carbine for general use. I have a single point sling on it and a Millett DMS-1 scope mounted on it. The single point sling allows me to drop the rifle to my side and draw my handgun should I need to use it. The Millett DMS-1 red donut sight system allows me to very quickly engage targets at close and intermediate ranges. Because it is a variable, the DMS-1 gives me the ability to engage targets at longer distances out to about 400 to 450 meters should I need to do so. So I get more distance now than I got from my AK type rifle system. In addition, I get to carry a little more ammo with the .223 caliber cartridges than with the 7.62 X 39. So, over all, this combination works pretty good for many situations but I am always testing new concepts in firearms and re-thinking my options... :thumb:


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AK system (I intend to build mine just like this)

1. Decent quality AK (Romanian WASR-10 with minimal problems) - $400
2. Tapco 6-position stock for stamped receivers - $45

3. Tapco Fusion Handguard - $45
4. Tapco T6 recoil pad - $10
5. Leapers 5th Gen. Picitanny Rail receiver - $30

6. Tapco Fusion foregrip - $25

7. A decent red dot sight and a long range sight - $200 - 1000

Total - $755-1555 or so. maybe add in a few dark earth color Tapco 30-round mags.
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