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"The baby boomers are keeping Ron Paul from getting elected." :thumb:

What ever works I guess. I'd have to vote for Paul over Obamao....and I'm not thrilled with any of the candidates that are left... but Paul's ideas on how the world works (other than basic economics) would be a disaster. He said in a recent debate that he did not think Iran is working on making nuclear bombs. While few outside Iran (other than some selling parts, materials etc.) know for sure, such a comment disqualifies him for President.
Anyone with even a little common sense knows they are very likely working on nukes. Why is that our business? Because eventually one of these rogue nations, like Iran, will sell or gift nukes to terrorist groups who's agendas suit them.
Your ass might just be in the blast zone of one of their targets.

Yeah, I know "Amerika" is a big meanie and its not fair that we have the power of life or death over billions of people. Have we used it since WWII?
Do you think Iran, or Chavez, or....maybe North Korea would show such restraint? Really? There are certain realites that we must the way things are. Paul just doesn't have the qualifications in that department.
Its a shame really. "End the Fed" "gold is money" and other concepts make sense, but you see its a package deal not a buffet.

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