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The baby boomers are keeping Ron Paul from getting elected.

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Here is the break down of how many votes Ron Paul got in Iowa based on the age of the voters against the other candidates.

Age 17-24 50%
Age 25-29 45%
Age 30-39 35%

If they were just counting the votes of the people under 40 Ron Paul would have easily won.

Age 40-49 17%
Age 50-64 15%
Age 65 and older 11%

The older they are and closer to getting those the Social Security checks they more they dislike Ron Paul who believes in self sufficiency instead of big government entitlement programs. Basically the baby boomers are keeping the corruption in Washington going on for their own benefit. They would rather vote for corrupt politicians who will pay out the most money to them then vote for the only honest and decent candidate Ron Paul.

The baby boomers are simply too selfish and entitled to vote for a candidate with morals. Judging by the votes of the younger crowd you can tell they are fed up.

Both parties are funded by greedy bankers and wall st. scammers but it's the baby boomers who are keeping the corrupt Republican party going and then you have all the ghetto blacks, barrio latinos, trailer trash whites, gays and druggies who keep the corrupt Democrats going.

America has been taken over by parasites. Money grubbing criminal bankers and wall street scammers, greedy entitled baby boomers, welfare collectors and freaks. If normal middle class people were in control Ron Paul would be president.
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While I think Social Security is a big scam, I could also understand if you've paid into it your entire life expecting to get that back.

That being said, I was very saddened to see on facebook a very conservative, well-known area pastor say he was appalled at Ron Paul and then later say he was so very glad Newt Gingrich won SC (someone who would leave their wife as soon as she got cancer and marry a younger employee of his is NOT the kind of person I would want leading this country, no matter what side he is on - in fact, as much as I can't stand Obama, I will give him credit that he has (or seems to have) a good relationship with his family).
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