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The baby boomers are keeping Ron Paul from getting elected.

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Here is the break down of how many votes Ron Paul got in Iowa based on the age of the voters against the other candidates.

Age 17-24 50%
Age 25-29 45%
Age 30-39 35%

If they were just counting the votes of the people under 40 Ron Paul would have easily won.

Age 40-49 17%
Age 50-64 15%
Age 65 and older 11%

The older they are and closer to getting those the Social Security checks they more they dislike Ron Paul who believes in self sufficiency instead of big government entitlement programs. Basically the baby boomers are keeping the corruption in Washington going on for their own benefit. They would rather vote for corrupt politicians who will pay out the most money to them then vote for the only honest and decent candidate Ron Paul.

The baby boomers are simply too selfish and entitled to vote for a candidate with morals. Judging by the votes of the younger crowd you can tell they are fed up.

Both parties are funded by greedy bankers and wall st. scammers but it's the baby boomers who are keeping the corrupt Republican party going and then you have all the ghetto blacks, barrio latinos, trailer trash whites, gays and druggies who keep the corrupt Democrats going.

America has been taken over by parasites. Money grubbing criminal bankers and wall street scammers, greedy entitled baby boomers, welfare collectors and freaks. If normal middle class people were in control Ron Paul would be president.
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Sorry but most ghetto blacks, barrio latinos and trailer trash whites live parasitic lifestyles and are either on Section 8, welfare, food stamps, wic or some other government entitlement program and due to their dependence on government they can't be relied on to vote for someone not corrupt because they must vote for whoever is willing to support them financially from the government treasury.

A person who lives off Social Security is also dependent on the government and will have to vote for the candidate who will give them the most government money even if they are corrupt.

Due to the vast numbers of people dependent on the government in this country the politicians and bankers know they have the American people bent over. Look at the rampant theft that's going on Wall St., Criminal bankers have stolen astronomical amounts of taxpayer money and no politician will dare prosecute them. The have gotten so brazen that Jon Corzine from MF Global just simply declared bankruptcy and walked away with billions of dollars of invester's money simply because he could. He was never arrested and it was barely covered in the media.

Social Security is just a big Ponzi scheme, yes people paid into but they should have known it was a fraud and set aside their own money for retirement. It's not fair for young middle class people to be slaves so they can support millions and millions of selfish baby boomers.
Very nice. You take what is an interesting issue (the boomers--AS A GROUP--aren't Paul supporters and you point out his policies would hurt them, AS A GROUP), and then you proceed to expose your bigotry.

If you'd avoided the labels you'd have had an interesting post. As it is, all you've done is expose yourself as a bigot.

And FWIW: Ron Paul is not anti-gay. Neither am I, my wife, nor my two children. Only bigots are anti-gay.

And I'm a Boomer, and I like a lot of what Ron Paul says. Oh, what? I'm in that group so I can't hold those opinions? You were labeling EVERYONE who belonged to a group with the characteristics of some in that group?
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