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Hey FK if Obama does reshuffle the deck, will we be issued
chits for how ever many hours we work. Blue collar worker is
so many chits per day. You can redeem chits at "company"
store. I'm just wondering because I saw on World Net Daily
that "Obama is eyeing your 401k" It would seem stupid to
take everything because, you can only do it once. After that
the whole economy would be chaos, that just might be what
Obama has always wanted. Destroy capitalism so he can say,
that didn't work so lets try a five year plan and central planning. Sorry for the vent but the Obozo has got me worried. :(
Thanks for the kind words. I am running some financials for work so I have not had a chance to get back to you in the other thread.

Please check out the many 401K threads in this section. They are all very informative with many great ideas and thoughts from the members here.

Recent and current administrations have many of us worried as we are all waking up to the fact that it does not matter what these affiliations are, they serve as nothing more than distractions and divisions for us, we have a one-party system any way you slice it and "it" will continue UNTIL WE do something about it, and not one second sooner.
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