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Thank all of you

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I know we get on here and share info. I will alway's try to give useful information. Sometimes we disagree. That's human. I just wished we could get back to the main subject. I'm sure kev don't like us fussing with each other. I am guilty of running my mouth. We are living in a time that we need each other. I need all the friends I can get. If I have offended anyone it was not on purpose.
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Man that's right we need to stick together if tshtf. But yeah we all help each other, sure we argue over ak vs. ar15 or something of similar nature but you know, I'm pretty sure we all deep down aren't ever truly offended by anything someone says on the internet :)
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You only offended me by not offending me.:thumb:
Just like family, I don't like what my sister dose but that don't mean I would not fight for her. Same goes for my friends. God bless us, If your not religous I'm sorry. You believe in whatever you want.
If there is a God I sure as hell don't want to **** him off. Thats how I live my life ;) Yeah I think we are just one big bearded happy family :p
Offense is not given , its taken .
Thank you guys. Good post and good message for us all.
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