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Texas emergency freq. list

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Day: 10493 Khz USB
Night: 5211 Khz USB

03873.0 Khz LSB Texas ARES Emergency (night)
03935.0 Khz LSB Texas ARES (health & welfare)
03955.0 Khz LSB South Texas Emergency
03975.0 Khz LSB Texas RACES
07240.0 Khz LSB Texas Emergency
07248.0 Khz LSB Texas RACES
07250.0 Khz LSB Texas Emergency
07273.0 Khz LSB Texas ARES (altn)
07285.0 Khz LSB Texas ARES Emergency (day)
07290.0 Khz LSB Texas ARES (health & welfare)
07290.0 Khz LSB Texas ARES (health & welfare)

USB= Upper Side Band, LSB= Lower Side Band
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Also check with your Local/Area/Regional ARES, and other emergency comms groups, Nets, even your own bug out groups and MAGS. Tech License holders are NOT left out of emergency communications !
My beef with ARES (at least in my area) is that they all seem to be glued to FEMA, folks Fema sucks in real life especially if you are not in a priority area for them, You will be on your own for awhile or longer, learn to deal with it locally.
Also this area tends to prepare for more short term type events, hurricanes etc, not long term SHTF events. Example: on air ARES net leaders were downplaying use of solar to power comms equipment, USE generators they said. But I brought up well what if this is an emergency over a wider area that lasts more than 3 or 4 days and you run out of fuel for your generators, if fuel trucks cant get to you to resupply, etc. We deal with this out here in the country, and you better have something besides JUST a generator. 30 seconds of silence followed . Folks learn to work in your area with your people, your equipment and assets, DO NOT DEPEND on the free cheese giving government to save you!
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