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Thanks to forum members the last month's "tester needed" reviews went well so we are doing it again.

If all goes well I would like to make this a monthly event. I will be choosing one item from and requesting 3 people to review it. The first 3 people to reply to this thread will be reviewers. They will need to provide me with their shipping address. I will pm you to request this information. Next I will provide them with the item to review.


1. You must be a forum member with 5 or more posts
2. Live in the U.S. or Canada
3. Be over 18
4. No purchase necessary

Your review:

1. Please post your review in this section
2. Likes/dislikes about the product
3. Please try and complete the review before the end of the month
4. Would you purchase this item on your own
5. Continue carrying this product yes or not

Please let me know if you have any questions:

October's product is Link

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Here is a very thorough and well done review by Josiah922. He went above and beyond. Thank you!


"4 out of 5 stars - Small, light, versatile, functional and at a great price. If you are in to wire saws, check out this one. Can be packed up easily and used as a snare. The swivels at the handles make it much easier to use. The major draw back is that the swivels are also the weakest point of the saw. tension testing at about 30 pounds of pressure showed the bending of the clasp on one side of the saw. However, for the price its functionality is worth it."

4 out of 5 Stars
* Small but long enough to get the job done. Can be folded up into a small disk and packed easily. The blade length is 2 foot and long enough to make a bow saw or us with just use your arms.

* Versatile - Can be used as a snare or to hang a pot over a fire. With the two different ring sizes one can be fit through the other forming a good loop to be used in a snare.

* Functional - During testing we were able to cut through limbs from 1/2 to 2 inches easily enough. Remember to keep the blade taunt and tight while cutting to avoid the blade jamming in the wood.

* Handles designed with swivels allowing the angle of your hand to change while going through the stroke.

* Price - In our research we have found this saw listed for $20 on the internet. The current price at the time of this review from is $5.99. Definitely worth the price.

* Swivels are prone to failure at about 30 pounds of tension. While testing the 100lb breaking strength, the swivels began to bend out at 30 pounds of pressure. While the blade itself IS probably rated at 100 pounds the swivels do not appear to handle that much pressure. Please note that the swivels did not fail during normal testing and were easily repaired with a pair of pliers.
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