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I didn't put this in the gear section because it's not really about survival gear...

What kind of non-survival items do you have in your BOB/BOL or would be willing to trade for in a societal fallout?

For example, since my wife plays guitar we would either take hers or loot out a better one before heading into the wild. Sure, it's extra weight, but wouldn't you be open to letting some folks camp with you if they can play some songs. I'm going to put a flute or harmonica in the BOB as well and learn to play as I go along.

What about stuff like gum, hard candies, alcohol, smokables, pocket games, etc.? Would you trade "real" food for some jolly ranchers and a board game?

Books perhaps? Not too many readers out there anymore, but when the TV/radio/internet goes out, wouldn't it be nice to have someone read to the group around the fire?

Tattoos? Always the rage with the tribals, hasn't gone out of style in a long time. A portable tat setup doesn't take up much space and could probably be run with a small solar panel setup.

Jewelry? Porn? Balloons? Toys? Ink and pens?

What do you think will be good for a new economy?

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My barter goods list. I think most of the items will be in short supply.

Some of what I'm acquiring for barter

Scales to get agreed upon weights of items
commercial scale (±500#)
commercial scale (±100#)
commercial scale (±10#)
commercial scale (±16oz)

1.0 oz gold coins
0.1 oz gold coins
40 count rolls silver quarters
50 count rolls silver dimes
blank barter slips

200ml bottles 190 proof Everclear
smokeless tobacco
2 oz boxes tobacco
booklets cigarette papers
smoking pipes
small boxes matches
butane lighter fuel
Zippo lighter fuel
lighter flints
lighter wicks
disposable lighters
straight razors w/strop, soap, & cup
shaving soap

playing cards

lengths candle/oil lamp wick
Coleman lantern mantles

2 oz jars instant coffee
16 count boxes teabags
2 oz jars bouillon cubes
tubs add-water-only drink mix

1 pound boxes sugar
2 oz boxes salt
2 oz cans pepper
5 oz cans milk
4 oz cans cocoa
2 oz bars chocolate candy
8 oz bags hard candy (individually wrapped)

4 oz cans Vienna sausage/potted meat
12 oz cans roast beef
7 oz cans Spam (or 12oz)(or Treet)
6 oz cans tuna
10 oz cans soup (heavy on the meat types)

16 oz bags rice
16 oz bags beans

aspirin pain killer
acetaminophen pain killer
OTC reading glasses
OTC UVA/UVB resistant sunglasses
Cheap wide-brimmed straw hats

small boxes tampons/sanitary napkins
reusable sanitary napkins

reusable cotton diapers
diaper pins

clothes pins

wooden pencils/ink pens
small note books
legal pads

50 count bottles water purification tablets

6”-12” candles
boxes strike anywhere kitchen matches

rolls toilet paper
bars soap
hair combs/brushes
disposable razors
boxes baking soda

packets safety pins
packets of sewing needles
spools of thread

rat traps
fly swatters

jersey gloves
cotton/leather work gloves
insulated gloves

tubes silicone sealant
tubes Shoe Goo/Goop
tubes JB Weld
duct tape
mechanic’s wire
electrical tape
friction tape
rubber tape
sheet plastic
divided buckets with a variety of nails, screws, bolts, nuts, and washers
sealed cans of welding rods (6011 and/or 7018 1/8”)
variety of brazing rods
cans of brazing flux

regular canning lids
wide mouth canning lids
P-38/P-51 can openers

1-b propane cylinders
10-lb bags charcoal briquettes

solar 12-volt battery chargers
solar AAA, AA, C, D, 9-volt battery charger
rechargeable batteries 20 each AAA, AA, C, D, 9-volt

#10 cans heirloom seeds

500-round bricks .22 LR RF cartridges
5-round boxes .410/20 GA shells
single units M6 Scout/Savage 24/Remington SPR-94 O/U .22 RF/.410 or 20 gauge combos

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Things for kids: quiet toys, crayons, coloring books, small stuffed animals, smaller back packs, cheap fleece blankets

Wet wipes - great for kids, hands/faces/hind ends, first aid uses.

Inexpensive flashlights with batteries, pinch lights.

Spices that are used in local recipes.

Used DIY books like Better Homes and Gardens remodeling books, plumbing electricity, kitchens, framing gardens etc. (often $1 each at garage sales).

-Heirlooms are best if people know how to save seeds and are going to (instructions for saving seeds are a good idea too).
- Seeds which have a high yield of food with a minimal amount of effort/space/time.
- Local foods require less water/care and will be more in demand.
- Seeds that produce food that can be eaten raw with minimal preparation or that can be easily stored for long periods in a root cellar or through simple preservation.
- Sprout seeds are an option, radish is one of my favorites as it has multiple uses. Sprouting, the root vegetable or as it goes to seed the seed pod itself (actually more food quantity than the root).

Preservation supplies - Salt, pickling spices, citric acid, alum, lids, jars, rings. (esp. if you can dual purpose with it, saving a quart jar of sugar, salt, seeds, candy as it takes up the same space)

Simple hand tools - pliers, adjustable end wrench, vice-grips, screwdrivers

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Tampons. (I would barter a days worth of meals for a box of these things)
Sewing kit (I can barter sewing skills)
Crayons and coloring books (for the kids)
Occult supplies (herbs, oils, etc.)

Just few off the top of my head I've got stowed away- for myself and/or others ;)
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