Whether your just going camping, or bugging out to a friends house, its important to have some tents on hand. Keep in mind that if you and your family need to leave your home, tents offer portable shelter.  During hurricane season, hundreds of thousands of people evacuate, and have nowhere to go.  Having your own portable shelter provides more options on where to spend the night at.


Besides tents, every family member should have a sleeping bag, pillow, and maybe even a cot or air mattress. During an evacuation, having your own portable shelter provides more options then having to stay in a shelter supplied by city, church, or some other organization.

4 man tent

The tents in these pictures were getting prepped and inspected for a trip to a beach in Southeast, Texas.  A buddy of mine was getting married.  Instead of everyone sleeping in the beach house, some of us brought our tents so we could sleep on the beach.

In the south, in July, August and September it can easily get into the upper 90s and into the lower 100s during the day.  Tents give people the option to sleep outside when there is no electricity to cool their house.  Buildings can retain heat for several hours after the sun goes down, sometimes not cooling off until 4 - 6 hours after sundown.  Tents get people out of the hot houses and into the cool night air.

To protect the bottom of the tent from getting holes in it, put some kind of tarp or ground cloth under the tent.  This will help prevent sticks and sharp rocks from poking holes in the bottom of the tent.