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All these survival library threads, a reasonably busy ham radio sub board, and the lightly used tech board all strung out across the forum.

We need a better technology section. Night vision, GPS, mobile phone apps, solar power, etc, none have a good home and tossed in wherever else we think we can make the round peg fit the square holes.

The tech board right now kind of limps along because, I believe, it isn't an On-Topic board.

I'm thinking a board in the upper section would be better.

I believe we could do it without stretching the index page out even more.

NBC really deserves to be a sub board of the Natural and Manmade Disaster board.

That takes away one slot on the main index page, making room for a dedicated On Topic area Technology board. We can fold the comms in as a sub board and we could have more if we wanted without adding front page real estate. We'd also get to dump the old tech board in the off topic area. So we'd actually lose two slots on the front page without losing any content.

I think we are overdue for this. Few preppers plan to go all 1900's if SHTF. We expect to lose the widespread available tech and connectivity we have today, but you can bet there will be preppers still charging their Iphone batteries when the cell towers quit because of the apps we have. We'll still try to light the night with lower power lighting. We will still try to charge up our power tool batteries and run electric motors to turn the pulleys on our wheat grinders. And all across the US at dark there will be guys walking their fenceline with NVGs.

I think this is like what the old food and water talks were like before we had the dedicated board put in. Lots of disorganized discussions without building an easy to find knowledge base.

Our survival tech nerds need a home to play in.

What say the rest of you?

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I'm in. :thumb: Have some good ideas for 'adds', right off the bat... Will have to 'use the search, Luke!' to find where I'd posted the lil' bits, but.. Whence lit, I'll do my best to support... Always down for learning new Tech / Mech.. :cool:

ie: just Tonit, err, Last-nite, baptized myself in NG-powered fire by changing the belt on our gas-dryer - have never even cracked one open before (have-fixed washer / replaced pump / filter I/O, etc, but never needed to mess w/ the dryer - till last nite..) and Man, was it a doozy.. Had to take the entire bloody-thing 95% apart.. :rolleyes: But, in-so do-learning, saved $XXX. which can now be put to better-uses (moar pasta / extra marine batt, etc, etc..) So yeah..

...One more 'sig on the petition to the Mods' from SoJ.. :thumb:


PS - Also - thinking this will be a Great op to test out Aerindel's fine suggestion of being voracious about keeping the 'SNR' High - ergo, NO tie-ins to all the puddles of politiks-sick, et al, and, certainly while 'healthy dissenting opinions' / alt ideas will be welcomed, the 'flat out naysayers' (ie: 'Baaah! Bicycle-powered washing machine?? Never gonna work!!' etc etc) would, ideally, be swiftly asked to go fly a long kite off a short pier.. ;)

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