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One of the major news stories of the past few days has been video of a teacher dragging a child around and beating him. Since no one in the news is talking about what actually happened there I thought I would fill you guys in on what was actually going on.

Now, I do not know any more than you do about what exactly happened in the classroom. However, just as a woodsman can tell what animal left tracks in the woods and a city slicker cannot, I do know more about what happened in that classroom than you do. In fact, I almost certainly know more about what happened in that classroom than any other person on earth.

(A few alien scientists studying humanity know, but they are not talking. j/k)

A few years ago, ten or twelve, a scientist did a study on homicide patterns in black communities. It turns out that black women kill their boyfriends and husbands more often than white men kill their wives. That black mothers kill their sons 1.5 times more often than they kill their daughters. When black children kill a parent it is almost always the male parent who gets killed.

The Liberal Politically Correct Feminist who did the study concluded that black women just have to kill their men because black men are so subhuman, brutal and violent that women have to kill them in self-defense. Sort of a cultural battered wife syndrome. She put it in slightly more politically correct terms but that is what she said.

It doesn't explain why they kill toddlers and babies. This pattern of homicide mirrors patriarchal society. In patriarchal societies, wives are killed and infanticide is practiced on female children. In the matriarchal society of our black community, where the woman gets the job, is the provider and wage earner, the pattern is reversed.

This is a cultural pattern of violence which is learned subconsciously by observation as children growing up. Both the male and female participate in it without thinking. It preserves the status of the black woman and represses the black man.

This is reflected in IQ scores. It is well known among professionals in the field that there are lots of intelligent black women, but that black men with high IQs are as scarce as hens teeth. In normal societies, there are more males with extremely high IQs and with extremely low IQs, probably because men have a Y chromosome, so if they get IQ on the X it is not mediated by matching genes on another X, so there is more variability. If a woman gets an IQ gene on her X it is moderated by a matching gene on her other X which produces more average IQs.

Scientific studies have shown that if a black child is raised by a white woman the child's IQ score will be about 9 points higher on average than if raised by a black woman.

So, this pattern of female on male violence suppressing the black male exists and is having major effects on blacks in the US.

The teacher, a young black woman, saw a male giving lip to a female and reacted violently, without thinking about it. Probably exactly as she saw her mother and sisters react to her father and brothers. A violent reaction triggered by cues programmed by her cultural background. Just the tip of the iceberg of black culture which is destroying black people in the US.

Now, of course, black men raised subject to this kind of violence tend to grow up to be violent themselves and fight back trying to regain their dignity and status. So the situation increases violence between the sexes in the black community, which then justifies black women in being violent towards black men, and lets Feminist college professors feel righteous and see in all this nothing but proof that men are brutes who women should have the right to kill whenever they feel like it.

So that is what happened. The poor little girl, the teacher, caught in a trap created by her culture, is being crucified by the media.

Black people need to take a long hard look at themselves. Black women especially need to get their big black butts into some libraries and read some books on how to raise their babies better.

Books like Intelligence and How to Get It: Why Schools and Cultures Count (9780393065053): Richard E. Nisbett: Books
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