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Tarp Shelters

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You may have already seen this, but if you have not it is downloadable in PDF format. It has a great deal on building shelters from tarps, enjoy.
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I used a good old wally world 10x12 tarp for all my hooches in the army. I carry 100' of 550 cord, and a kit of bungee cords.

I have a set of cords used for securing the corners to the ground. These bungee's have a ball on one end, and make a loop. Here is a picture of what they look like.

The tarp I used was a woodland camo from wally world that cost about 15 dollars. The camo looked like this.

All you have to do is find two trees, and string up your line between them. For one person I could make a nice hooch that fit me, my weapon, and my ruck. It sure beat sleeping out in the open.

I never carried stakes or poles since there will be plenty of sticks, twigs, or shrubs to use.

The way I liked to make my hooch was to string a line between two trees. Then, I secure one end to the ground with stakes, and the other end I usually tied of to another tree, or stakes further away, for a lower grade angle. I liked to keep about 60% of the tarp on one side, which would be my foot side. With a 10x12 tarp, make sure you used the long side to go from head to foot. I liked my hooch to have open sides, and if it was windy and raining, I would lower the tarp closer to the ground. Here is a basic sketch-up version of the hooch.

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