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Tarp Shelters

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You may have already seen this, but if you have not it is downloadable in PDF format. It has a great deal on building shelters from tarps, enjoy.
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My tarp

Here´some pictures of my tarp, i´m using the issued tarp (this one is in o.d., normally they are in M/84 camo pattern).

I use RVops bivi poles and Cleat for better customization
Inside the tarp there was enough space for two sleeping bags, nice if you are hiking with your friends, one takes the tarp, the other extra water or something like that

Please notice how "clean" the area is, when outdoor i´m living by the filosofy: "Living from your rucksack" that means only take that out you need WHEN you need it, and put it back as soon as you finished with it and NEVER let anything lay around on the ground, knifes, compass, maps etc. etc. can only be two places: In your hand or in there pouch!!! a habbit from the Army :)
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