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Target users beware

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I went ahead and cancelled by wells fargo debit card after hearing that between 11/27 and 12/15 some hackers got ahold of the debit and credit card info for 40 mill folks that used one at a store during the time period. Debit cards are especially important to cancel. I am going to start buying with cash most of the time after this.
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The last Target store I went to didn't have great laptops (their specifications make them lower performance machines compared to what I already have), good bikes (no IGH?), or much of anything that was of very good quality compared to what other stores have.

Why shop at Target in the first place? That is the closest store to your current residence that you know of?

Yeah, I shop with cash. It is a chore for people who don't like doing the work of counting the money they hand over to the cashier. I think that is one thing the make "paying with plastic" very appealing to some who do it very often when they get the chance.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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