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Target users beware

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I went ahead and cancelled by wells fargo debit card after hearing that between 11/27 and 12/15 some hackers got ahold of the debit and credit card info for 40 mill folks that used one at a store during the time period. Debit cards are especially important to cancel. I am going to start buying with cash most of the time after this.
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I don't shop at Target however my wife does and alas they got our number a few weeks ago. We monitor our charges rather frequently so we noticed after 2 of the charges. Both charges were taken off and they mailed is new cards. The problem I have is changing my billing info for all of the items that automatically bill each month!!

And no it wasn't a Target card but rather a regular Visa card. Kind of scary that you read more and more about this problem happening. I would like to not use a CC but I find it almost impossible to not have one now a days!
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