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In a survival situation, there may be cicumstances to repair and seal various structural and survival gear.
For hundreds of years, tar and pitch has been used as water proofing and under some conditions as an adhesive.
Natural deposits of pitch are not always available, but most of our roads and highways are made of a tar compound, usually from oil refineries.
In theory, tar can be retrieved from road material in the same way chefs melt cooking chocolate using the steam method. A bit labour intensive, i know.
I wouldn't recommend it for water catchment and storage repairs.
Any comments or experiences?
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I used it liberally to get a 1967 Plymouth Belvedere to pass inspection. Spread that stuff over rust holes and/or patches and then go drive down a dirt road. :) You are right, it's very versatile.

My dad told me kids used to pick chunks of tar off the road to chew on for some reason. Has anyone here heard of this?
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