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Talking to other preppers?

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Yesterday I was at the local grocery discounters, scoping out deals. Got some good stuff, but no more canned chicken, which my life goes through like crazy. I was slipping through the store when I noticed two guys going over a list written on the back of an envelope, talking about things that don't need refridgeration, and mentioning that the dried rice and beans were in the next aisle. Sure enough, they had cases of things in their cart, just like I did. As they generally go tin my way, I noticed them stacking cans of cream of chicken in their cart. "Hmmmm" I thought, ".40 a can? Good price" As they meandered on, I walked over, grabbed a can and flipped it. The stamped date read 9-10-07. Yuck.

After doing the rest of my shopping, they guys were still going down the aisle, and as I slipped past them, I said, in a low voice. "Hey man, I just wanted to say something, since it looks like you guys are buying for storage... the cream of chicken expired last year. The guy raised his eyebrow and thanked me.

As I was standing in the checkout line, I heard the first guy go up and ask his buddy, "Man, you get cream of chicken?"

"Yeah, you told me to."

He pulled out a can, and flipped it over, "Man, you gotta check the dates!"

I laughed to myself, figuring they now knew the big secret to the discounters, and I'd have to be much more dilligent to keep stocked on canned chicken.

Have any of you guys ever approached other people who are obviously on the same tack as us and talked with them? I don't really want to make friends, but a little bit of community might be nice. Like the old ladies quick to tell a young bachelor what to watch out for when buying squash. . . ;)

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I have had comments made to me, like one time, this hot brunette just came up to me, saw the fact that I had 6, 5.5lb bags of frozen veggies, 2 big bags of apples, pears, and plumbs, to say "Wow!! You are a good eater!!!"

We chatted, and talked about health and fitness stuff all the way till the butcher's cooler. I was really making progress with her!!! I could feel the exchange of phone numbers coming in short order!!!

It ended when I bought a bunch of ground beef.... :(

Now mind you, I was a prepper for Y2k, but stopped once that was over. I am starting again now, but for the most part I generally buy food for the whole month so I can avoid the store as long as possible, rather than to prep. for an emergency. This is what I was doing that day.
I'd like to get into canning. Then buy double my normal 5.5 frozen veggies so I can can half of them every month.

I want to figure out how to make jellies and jams too. Then I can buy the big 5.5lb of blueberries and make canned jams out of them.

Anyone ever mix crushed blueberries into hamburger meat? WOW was that an unexpected yummy taste combo!
can frozen vegetables???

LOL there's a plan.
Why not? There is only so much room in the freezer, and in an emergency where the power goes out, i will only loose a small amount of food that way.

If the power does go, I can then can the contents of my freezer and limit my losses even more.

Untill I can, can the veggies, I will dehydrate half of them and store them dry. Last time I did this was for Y2K. They lasted until this summer, when I ate them in soups.

I simply don't see why you would object to the concept. It is a perfectly rational way to store food, either long term, or for times when the power goes out.
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