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Taking Guns to Romania

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Does anyone have experience or knowledge about bringing guns from Canada/United States to Romania? I'm planning on moving to Romania this year and I would love to get some information on how to legally bring my guns so I can go hunting in Romania. Thanks
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DIDNT you post this awhile back ?? why not just call customs. or lookit up on the net ???
Yes I did, but didn't see any feedback in the old thread I piggy backed off of so I typed the question again as a new subject. (Forgive me as I'm still learning to navigate the forum.) That said, I did get some good suggestions about a week later from people.

I have looked numerous times BTW on the internet to no avail. Romanian regulationss/services are not anything like the accessibility we have in the US. I also went in person to the police department in Bucharest (they were no help - they said it was impossible) as well as the Consulate in Romania (which told me to go online WTF).

That said, posters on this forum suggested I talk to the Romanian Consulate in the United States (which I didn't even think of) as they will have more information and be much better informed. This good suggestion I will be following.

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Thanks Bereciucas,

Do you have any suggestions on hunt clubs around Bucharaest or Brasov that you would recommend?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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