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Hi all,
My last job was very concerned(still is) for a pandemic.(flu, small pocs and other nasty things) They cite limited contact with people as the only means to really protect yourself and others.( The government in this sceanio is recommending 3 months or more in isolation as waves of flu go through the states. I will attached supporting documentation for this in other mails. It really scared me. They also recommend masks if you have to go out.( Japaneese practice this now with the common cold in crowds.

I am attaching the following narrative and email link. This is used in third world countries. It is a necessary survival skill to know. I hope I am not going into left field here. so here it goes

Simple Homemade T-Shirt Mask
- uses heavy-weight cotton T-shirt
- designed to achieve better fit than surgical masks
- reusable, sterilize by boiling

“A Hanes Heavyweight 100% preshrunk cotton T-shirt was boiled for 10 minutes and air-dried to maximize shrinkage and sterilize the material in a manner available in developing countries. A scissor, marker, and ruler were used to cut out 1 outer layer (37 × 72 cm) and 8 inner layers (<18 cm2). The mask was assembled and fitted as shown in the Figure.

See for picture of
mask on right side of article I couldn't attach it....

I am adding the Narrative in case it is removed form the CDC web site: “This mask consisted of 1 outer layer (37 cm × 72 cm) rolled and cut as in panel B with 8 inner layers (<18 cm2) placed inside (against the face). The nose slit was first placed over the bridge of the nose, and the roll was tied below the back of the neck. The area around the nose was adjusted to eliminate any leakage. If the seal was not tight, it was adjusted by adding extra material under the roll between the cheek and nose or by pushing the rolled fabric above or below the cheekbone. Tie b was tied over the head. A cloth extension was added if tie b was too short. Finally, tie c was tied behind the head. The mask was then fit tested.”

(Excerpts from Dato VM, Hostler D, Hahn ME. Simple respiratory mask,
Emerg Infect Dis 2006 Jun. Full article available online at

I believe this is a really good thing to know for any contingencie including pandemic and god forbid- fallout.

Any way I thought I would share. I have other info to share concerning pandemic if anyone is interested. It applies to other SHTF situations.
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