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T Rock's High Altitude Salsa Gardening 101

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I'm at 8,000 feet here in Southern Colorado
USDA Hardiness Zone 4

The ground on my property is rocky. I decided to use 2 liter and gallon containers for my salsa garden.

I use potting soil, vermiculite and perlite. Interestingly enough, I am living in The Perlite Capital of the World.

During the growth stage, I use a high nitrogen "tea" using my urine and hair (I shave my hair every few weeks).

I am growing jalapeno, serrano, habanero, Big Jim, Chili Red, Garden Salsa, and tomatillos.
(I also am growing rosemary, sweet mint, and mint for other, non-salsa uses)

I have spent about 30-40 bucks for soil, plants and soil amendments.
So, I figure I need to make about 10 batches of salsa to break even:eek:

Rock Verde® Salsa:
Roasted serrano, jalapeno, Garden Salsa peppers (or any type of peppers you chose)
Garlic cloves
Green onions
Lime juice (optional)

Boil tomatillos. Add roasted peppers and garlic. Put in food processor. Add cilantro,green onions and salt.
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