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Hi, I'm Brad and just joined in hopes of networking with other preppers and survivalists in my area. I have been working on survival skills for about 12 years following wilderness training with an outdoors club in NH. I learned in the White mountains and took it back to PA and have practiced solo backpacking in the Endless Mountains, Catskills, and Adirondacks.

- Intelligence
- Innovation/Creativity
- Good aim with rifles
- Land owner in Endless Mountains for evacuation, survival and shooting practice
- Indoor gardening when I have space/landlord permission for this
- More than comfortable being on my own for extended periods of time

- Self Defense
- Limited budget and space to prep for disaster, prefer to flee to my mountain
- Bad aim with handguns, working on this at the limit of my budget for ammo/range time in my suburban area.
- Allergies to corn-adulterated foods and bird feathers
- Too lazy for my own comfort level when I'm not under the gun or motivated with others

Hope to find others nearby to work on survival practice and preparation, share skills and improve on weaknesses.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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