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I recently wrote this article on the contents of my Altoids survival tin. I'd like to get feedback on my kit and ideas from others who have made a similar mini-survival kit. Any must-have items that I'm missing?
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If nothing else reading it was a giggle :cool:

I'm not a fan of the "survival tin" most times people say they put this, that or the other in there for this, that or the other uses/purposes and the stuff isn't up to the job, the majority of wire saws are a joke as just one example.

If you go out and setup camp and try each piece of kit for all the purposes you've stated I'd be interested in a follow up post/thread.
I have to agree with that!:thumb:
I understand the concept of the Altoids kit as a mental exercise. But not for honest use in the woods except for survival course work in reshaping the way one thinks about necessities. Certainly is good for that.
The "swap out" your talking about sounds like a good idea. :thumb:
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