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Each of us will have paramount choices to make in the days ahead. You might want to make many of these decisions beforehand. Having to make important decisions on the spur of the moment may lead to bad or regretful decisions.

Following are some of the choices you may have to make. Pick your choice and give your reason(s) and discuss.

Scenario I - You have plenty of food and supplies at your home. Strangers, friends or family come knocking after TSHHTF. What do you do?
a) give them food for a meal? for a day? for a few days? ... and then send them on their way?
b) lie, and say sorry, we have only enough for ourselves.
c) lie and say, sorry, we don't have any food, we're starving ourselves.
d) tell them sorry, "lack of preparation on your part doesn't constitute
an emergency on my part"
e) You do the Christian thing and try to feed all the people you can,
family and strangers
f) some other answer

Scenario II - LEO's of some kind or Feds of some kind, come knocking and ask to turn in all your weapons. (they don't have a search warrant but say they'll go get one unless you comply ... or they DO have a warrant to search and want to come inside and take your weapons)
a) say NO, i need to have an attorney present
b) immediately comply and give them all over
c) give up 1 or 2 and have hidden the rest
d) slam the door, tell them to go away.
e) start shooting
f) combination of any of the above.
g) some other answer

Scenario III - a guy breaks into your home late at night or early morning.
a) depending on what state you live in, make a decision based on that
b) yell "who is it? I have a gn, leave my house"
c) go into a karate stance and flash a light on him
d) you're a pacifist, say "take anything you want, but don't hurt me"
e) shoot to maim, then doctor his wounds and take him to the hospital
f) dial 911 and hide in a locked room or closet and wait for the LAW
g) shoot to make sure he's done and out, ask questions later
h) try to talk to him and calm him down, reason with him
i) other answers

Scenario IV - Crime IS WAY UP... you HAD to go into town to barter something for some TP or Water or fuel. You will do this before going into town.
a) You arm yourself with a pistol or two, but keep them hidden
b) You take two of your favorite knives, both hidden, a fighter knife
and a survival knife
c) You put your class II, or IIA or III or IIIA armor vest on
d) You carry openly a MBR loaded for bear
e) You carry no weapon, thinking you can take care of yourself hand to
hand, or at least be able to talk your way out of trouble or give over
your bartering items if you have to. (like a bottle of liquor, cigs,
f) You carry your favorite 12 ga with you, openly or hidden
g) combinations of any of the above
h) other answers

Scenario V - Your are driving on the road and an unmarked vehicle tailgates you and then pulls along side of you, motioning for you to pull over, or points to your rear tire, or bumps you from behind, or pulls ahead of you and then suddenly slows down.
What do you do?

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Please be aware that any answer you give could be used against you. Personally I won't answer theoretical questions that involve anything illegal or violent, for the most part.

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I) Family are just as prepared as I with exception of a Liberal Brother-in-Law.
He is voting for OBAmination.
I would probably have to get my sister and the rest of them out. He does have excellent cardio and practices with a 30-30 but they aren't like the rest of us. We have enough with rest of family and goods to take care of them.
At least he has a good dog(Chessy.)
II)State Troopers don't mess around and generally are decent. I ask for a writ of Habeas Corpus from any other Agency but the Troopers will be bugging out and getting their families out the the fray (Much like RCMP in Yukon).
III) I have a Ithaca 37 with deuces handy behind bathroom door and G2 Surefire mounted on Glock near my side of bed. Wife has a 44 Taurus. The Pitt is near the door and has gone nuts on the one burglar stupid enough to try and break in. The kid(15) has a M4A3 Bushmaster with Surefire and three clips next to his bed. We all have exit plan and place where we meet 100 yards from house.
I also have softball bats and flash lights stationed at different parts around house. Can't go wrong with them.
iV) I have a 7600 Remington in 30/06 with 10 round magazine and sling. I might also take a Koto period Enju wakasashi that is 14 inches long. I know and practice enough iai to know that I can get it out and in action faster than most can pull a gun. Real steel can cut. I doubt I would go out but if I needed to hit up the Pharmacy that's probably what I would take. I do have II tactical gear and would wear it under clothes.
I have enough silver to survive. Its harder to get these days. However, I don't think that I would barter for anything other than unleaded gas. I have enough of everything else.
V) I stop my truck(put in Park and pull emergency break).and get down still looking in rearview mirror. Shotgun salvo answers aggression. I have a floodlight that I might blast into rearview mirror. That would be a great distraction.

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1= C,
because I don't know anyone around here.

2= "other" because my home is sanitized till the time comes, however, I don't want them
to see my preparations.

3= G , and I would make sure that he has some kind of weapong next or near him.

4= A & C ......why look for trouble, but be ready.

5= Point to my tire= I'll wave at him and keep on going
Asked to pull over= NO
Bumps my car= WAR
Slow in front of me? = I also would slow down.
Stops infront of me= I would go in reverse for a few yards and see what happens

I am now talking under TSHTF conditions and I do live under those conditions at all time.

My favorite weapon is my Alaskan bear tear gas, large container that shoots that crap for 25 feet, had to use it only one time.

Mr. Sailfish
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So this is a SHTF situation, right?

If they want to come into your house, let them know quite explicitly what will happen if they step foot inside. If they come in anyways, carry out your promise.

Don't stop the car unless you're about to crash, and even then it might be advisable to only stop if you thought that driving would mean the loss of your vehicle. If the car next to you is threatening to shoot out your tire, they obviously expect you to be passive and scared, or they are themselves. Have your buddy in back indicate he is interested in their windshield and not their rear tire with a shotgun blast. And tell him not to point with his finger first. If they wanted your car and were determined to get it, you'd never see it coming. If they pull up and make mean faces and point at tires, one shotgun round should get them to turn tail.

Giving away your own food is just speeding up the time to where you need to go beg for some. Forget the Christian morals. If god gave a crap about humanity he wouldn't let civilization crumble to bits. Unless, of course, god is actually the rat king.

Don't shoot to maim. Shoot until they drop out of your sights. And early on at least, make sure they fall inside your house, not back out the window.

Looking ahead
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Scenario I: I would certainly help my select family and friends. I do plan for this to an extent. It would be slim pickings but good friends and family are even slimmer pickings in this world.

Scenario II: Rather not answer.

Scenario III: G! Thats one dead MFer in my home. No BS, no tough guy act, and no details. simply he's a dead man.

Scenario IV: A & B. Even better would be a friend or two that can watch my back.

Scenario V: Wow, if you checked the vehicles section you would see that I have a certified Mad Max mobile. Mine is not the vehicle they want to target. I have and will play Mad Max again with it if I need to.

I'd use my PA system to warn them to back off followed by forcing them off the road or out running them with 350 cubic inches of goodness.

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Well here's my spin on it. (the 2nd poster may have killed the thread and prevented good discussion although like i said above, he DOES have a legitimate answer)

Thanks to FF for picking up and getting a good discussion going on item I. :thumb:

I I've planned also to help a very few friends and family. I've also tried to educate them beforehand on prepping. Most people have loose lips and so I'd give stern words NOT to spread the word about where my few friends and family might have gotten some food. Strangers coming knocking at the door would be told to get off the property while my hand would be on some fa. In some cases I might help out people, but while they are OFF my property and don't know where i live. I'd give in cases, but not letting my left hand know what my right hand was doing.

II I would say NO. "my attorney advises me never to consent without him being present." Of course, one doesn't know how leo's will act in a shtf scenario.
The way the law is, so far today, did you know IF they DO have a search warrant, you must be able to READ the warrant FIRST, before they can come in. Say you have to get your glasses to read it OUTSIDE your house. This may give you a minute to put some things away. But they MAY NOT enter your home until you've read the warrant. Same thing with a speeding ticket. You know where they make you sign the thing at the bottom? The have the right to READ the entire ticket before signing it. Most people just want to get on their way and sign it quickly and demurely. I did this once, i told the leo i needed to read this first. (i was doint 35 mph in a 25...a blatant speed trap to increase their revenues) The lazy guy went back to his car while i pretended to read the ticket. There IS a lot of fine print. I just took a little nap. Finally after about 10 minutes he came pecking on my rolled up window, smiling. I handed it to him and told him " i hope you build yourself a nice bowling alley with this"
Have a back up plan in case. First ask for THEIR ID. This is legitimate.
It pisses'em off though. They're not used to people demanding THEIR ID.
The back up plan. Have most of your sensitive items well hidden. Perhaps have a 'cheap' item or two you can let them confiscate, food, fa's etc.

III Great answer by the guy above here. Yes, i'd make sure first my wife and/or kids are accounted for. A person has the right to be secure in their home and to defend it. The guy is toast. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

IV A easily accessed pistol with back up ammmmmo. PLus a good hidden knife or two. And a vest. And the cup. And a good attitude being aware of all your surroundings.

V Nod and/or give ok sign or thumbs up sign to them to acknowledge them. (this is just in case they are legitimate)
Never stop and get out to inspect while they're around. Keep driving. If they pull along side you, hit your brakes and keep an eye on them or if you've got a hot vehicle you may outrun them. If they stay aggressive, show them your fa. There may be times YOU will have to get aggressive.

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Americans have been brainwashed for so long that "violence is NOT the answer" that they can't identify when violence IS the answer.
If they go door to door do you think they will have search warrants? Just because they are supposed to have them , think they will care? Don't be so naive!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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