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survival rescue knife

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Just bought the cold steel srk carbon five was thinking is carbon five good steel got it for 51 bucks hasn't got here yet.
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Carbon V SRK puts dings in a SK5 Recon Scout. SK5 does Not put dings in the Carbon V. My SRK has the old grind geometry. It is very steep. It is kind of useless, but I'm getting a belt sander and intend to lay it back. The steel is a bear to sharpen. I hacked on some barbed wire and I eventually hit the same spot enough were it cut it. After cutting several areas along the barb wire, there were some small dings in the edge, BUT very small damage. Very hard steel.

If yours has the newer grind and kydex sheath you have a heck of a bargain.:thumb:

I've been try to get a Carbon V Master Hunter on e-bay, but so is everyone. I believe that is the one to have. Flat grind 4inch carbon v.

Supposedly, a SK5 knife will take more abuse; Recon Scout or Trailmaster would be better with SK5. The SRK is shorter, so it will have less leverage and stress, and should hold up fine.

I imagine the the Master Hunter could skin concrete off rebar.:rolleyes:

But what do I know? Some one please inform me if I'm wrong so I don't strain myself to get a CV MH.
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