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While stockpiling survival gear for a long term SHTF / TEOTWAWKI situation, I think it is important to pause, review, and then move forward. It does no good to stockpile the same thing over and over, while overlooking other essential preps. The changing of the seasons, a new year, or every 3 – 4 months are good times to do reviews.

January, February and March of 2012 were dedicated to buying a Remington 1911 R1, stockpiling 45acp, collecting some some books on chickens, buying some chicks and building my chicken coop. The 1911 is for personal / property defense, and the chickens are for a sustainable food source.

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April, May and June of 2012 were dedicated to expanding my ability to purify water, some new cooking gear, expanding my stockpile of brass cased 223, buying some 308 Winchester, diversifying my stockpile of 22 long rifle and expanding my first aid supplies.

Purifying Water

If water purification is not at the top of your long term survival plans, it should be. Without safe drinking water, life as we know it can not exist.

My recent additions were two Berkey black filters and a SteriPen Sidewinder.

The Royal Berkey I keep at the Bug Out Location has 2 black filters. Each filter has a life expectancy of around 3,000 gallons – depending on water quality. With the addition of 2 more filters, I can now filter an estimated 12,000 gallons of water.

The SteriPen Sidewinder is hand powered, and purifies water with UV light. The UV lamp has a life expectancy of around 8,000 1 liter treatments.

During a long term SHTF survival situation, my family and I bug out to the camp, and I use my Berkey to filter water for my family. the SteriPen sidewinder is a backup and secondary level of purification.

While we are using the Berkey to filter water, the plan is to work on a slow sand filter for a more permanent solution.

New Cooking Gear

I think it was Christmas of 2010 is when I received a Coleman perfectflow insta-start grill stove. After taking the stove on a few camping trips with the family, I realized the griddle was a good idea, with it is difficult to clean up, and uses a LOT of propane.

On a camping trip in March of 2012, I used a whole 1 pound bottle of propane while cooking just a few meals. After talking about how much propane the Perfectflow grill uses, my wife and I decided to buy another stove. This time we bought just a simple two burner propane stove.

In addition to the new stove, my wife and I bought an adapter so the Coleman stove can use a 20 pound propane bottle.

First Aid

First aid supplies is one of those that often gets overlooked, overlooked until you need them.

While on a camping trip back in December 2011 a buddy of mine showed me his first aid kit. He took a basic first aid kit from walmart, and modified it to his liking. I liked his idea so much I copied it.

Basic kit – Justin case from walmart, price is around $10.

Stainless steel scissors – the scissors that came with the kit had plastic handles. The original scissors were removed and replaced.
2 yellow chemlights – instead of having a flashlight
Purell hand sanitizer
Mercuroclear – 1 bottle (2 ounces)
Equate triple antibiotic ointment
Fine pointed tweezers
Tick removal tool from
Full metal handle stainless steel scissors
Several large bandages
Individual dressing
Super glue (for wound closure)
Small bottle of baby oil that was washed out and filled with rubbing alcohol. The bottle has a safety cap, the cap can not come off unless it is depressed first. Instead of the top of the bottle being open, it has plug with a 1/8 hole. I figured the 1/8 would be good for flushing out wounds. I would have preferred to use vodka to clean the wounds, but I would have probably drank the vodka.

The next time my family and I go to the camp I need to bring some bandages, tweezers, scissors,,, to leave up there.

Stockpiling 223 Remington

Over the past few years I have been stockpiling steel cased Monarch from academy sports and outdoors. Monarch is cheap and it seems to function well in my AR15.

Its during one of these reviews that I realized that I have been ignoring brass cased 223. I have some brass cased 223, but not near enough.

A couple of months ago, after talking to a buddy of mine, I decided to start stockpiling American Eagle and Federal 223.

Currently, my 223 stockpile is about 50% steel cased and 50% brass cased. I would like to increase the percentage of brass cased 223 to about 75/25 or more.

Stockpiling 308 Winchester

The 308 Winchester is probably the best suited caliber for a long term SHTF survival situation. Its flat shooting, accurate, and is chambered in a wide variety of semi-automatics and bolt action rifles. Whether you are standing guard duty or deer hunting, the 308 is well suited for both.

Which one do you stockpile first, hunting grade ammo or ball ammo? I went the hunting ammunition first, and have started stockpiling cheap 308 softpoint ammunition.

The majority of my 308 Winchester is Remington core-lokt 150 grain. Over the past 15 – 20 years I have Remington core-lokt in 270 and 280 to take a bunch of southeast Texas whitetail deer. My son uses Remington core-lokt 150 grain in his 30-30. My dad and my brother use Remington core-lokt in their 30-06. I have seen the results first hand in dozens of deer, I know for a fact that the core-lokt is a proven performer, so that is what I stockpile.

Stockpiling 22 Long Rifle

Most preppers stockpile 22 long rifle, and most of us buy the bulk Winchester, Federal and Remington. One of the most common problems with stockpiling bulk 22 long rifle is the number of misfires. Lets say that there will be 5% – 10% misfires per brick of 22 long rifle.

To offset the percentage of misfires in the bulk 22 long rifle, I have started stockpiling CCI stinger and Remington sub-sonic ammunition. CCI stingers are a lot more expensive then the bulk stuff, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

If you take OPSEC seriously, buy some subsonic 22 long rifle.

Third Quarter 2012

Some of the projects I hope to work on during the third quarter of 2012.

Expand my stockpile of 12 gauge slugs, 12 gauge buckshot, 308 Winchester, 223 Remington, 22 subsonic and CCI stingers.

Stockpile some basic farming supplies at the camp, such as chicken wire, post hole diggers and staples for building a fence.

Scouting for deer season.

A tree fell at the camp, need to get it cutup for firewood.

Finish up my brothers bbq pit. About 2 years ago I started working on a pit for my brother made out of a 150 gallon propane tank. The cooking area is going to be something like 20 inches across and 3 feet 6 inches long.

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Currently I am planning on taking a medical class in September...this quarter one of my biggest priorities is "stockpiling" knowledge. This will include the purchase of some medical books, a surgical kit and sutures.

My other area is to finish building my wife a 9mm AR15...waiting on upper from Rock River Arms, I'd also like to get her a bullet proof vest with trauma plates.

I'd also like to find a good pair of blue jeans that doesn't wear out within 6 months, and I'm sure I'll think of more stuff (I'd also like a better water purification method) as I read and read and experiment and then read some more.
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