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2019 is kicked off with some additions to my survival gear stockpile. In January I decided to order a bunch of Moraknivs, an SOG and Cold Steel knife.

Morakniv Robust
Morakniv Basic 546
Morakniv 746
Morakniv Basic 511
Cold Steel Peace Maker III
SOG Seal Pup

The local farm supply stores are getting their seeds in, so it is seed buying time:

Contender snap bean - 1 pound
Kentucky wonder snap bean - 1 pound
Purple hull peas - 1 pound
Truckers favorite corn - 1 pound
Straight 8 cucumber - 1 ounce

Chances are the new beans will go into the freezer, and old seeds will be used to plant the garden. This helps keep my seed stockpile with fresh seeds.

Been thinking about planting watermelons this year, but not sure.

Also picked up 7 pounds of red seed potatoes. Hoping to get the potatoes planted at the end of February. Old Farmers Almanac says something like the 24th, 25th of February for below ground crops.

Corn will be planted around the same time as the potatoes.

Everything else I am hoping to plant between March 15th - March 30th. I typically use the Ides of March as a starting date for planting above ground crops.

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Finishing up putting together a couple of snare trap kits and trauma kits for GHB and BOB. Looking at a survival reflective compact tube tent for the GHB.

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