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Survival Cooking Equipment Part 2

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Multi Burner Stoves.

Obviously, backpack or even the larger single burner type stoves are totally inadequate to serve the needs of a group of people whether camping, a weekend cabin stay, or disaster survival. Enter the multi burner stove category.

These stoves are portable and generally use either propane or liquid fuels.

Propane fuel is easy to use and store and burns very hot.

White gas or motor gasoline fuel stoves also burn hot but fuel storage can present greater challenge.

Alcohol type stoves lack the hot cooking temps but do have easy to handle and store fuel containers.

Propane vs Gasoline cooking.

General information on multi-fuel stove types and their use. ... id=1540789 ... toves.html ... ng-stoves/

http://www.hiking-gear-and-equipment-us ... toves.html ... id=1540789

Two burner:

For most situations these compact stoves fill the need for not only the camping and vacation type needs but disaster situations as well when it comes to the small group of people.

Yes for fixed or long term larger group heavy use the cast type stoves will offer certain advantages.

Here are some excellent examples.


2) ... 173&Cat=47

3) ... Stove.html



6) ... n=showgear





The larger the group of people and or the more complicated the cooking tasks call for more than two burner type stoves.

Again, cast iron or heavier type stoves offer advantages for fixed locations and heavy use.

Lets look at three and four burner types.

Three Burner: ... stove.html ... toves.html ... -al-3.html ... 176&Cat=47

Four Burner: ... 176&Cat=47
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Get a Smokey Joe grill, the little ones. Or buy JUST the grilling grid. Go to a hardware store and buy some metal rod. Bend that into foldable legs.

Keep these in your pack, or attach to the outside.

When it is time to cook, make a good sized fire, get a nice coal bed going, and set the grill up over the fire. it's fast, simple, reliable and light weight and never runs out of fuel so long as there is something to make a campfire with.

You can get smaller grill grids, and make these for every pack in your family, so everyone has one. For a family of 5, you are still lighter than a pack stove and fuel.
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