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Has anyone read this book by Dave Canterbery? Also, has anyone read any books by Mykel Hawke?
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I'm surprised, I figured someone would have an opinion about this book.
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I'll be interested in the review if anybody responds.
Yea I would have figured someone at least would offer an opinion since this is a very active message board.
I have not, but I plan on getting it soon and will let you know!
That would be great. I would like someone's opinion before I buy it.
I just read 'Hawke's Special Forces Survival' book and it was so basic and uninformative that I am sorry I bought it. I can't seem to find the book you named on Amazon though.
I guess Dave Canterberry only sells his book on his website. (

Man I hate to hear that about Hawke's book. I enjoy watching him on TV and was hoping his books were good.
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