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I'm lookn for a one n done gun! The ptr91 gi! I dnt wanna buy a lottery ticket, win sum loose sum! Has the ptr91 gi worked out their problems where I will still b smiling aftr 3000 rounds or will it spend more time in the shop than the field? I dnt wanna b worried bout buying the right or wrong serial numbers!:cool:
First of all, welcome to the forum. :)

Secondly, you might want to drop the abbreviations and txt spk because it will get you insulted here more often than not.

Third, I spoke with a factory rep from PTR a couple of months ago (their factory is a couple of towns over from me) and he said that the GI was as reliable as any gun in their repertoire. Personally, I have never fired the GI model, but I have fired one of their earlier versions, and have had my heart on one ever since.

Lastly, I don't think a full power rifle round alone is going to keep you happy for long. There is a lot they can't do, like harvest small game, or feed your rifle affordably, for that matter. :eek:
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