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Suggestions for Inexpensive & Practical/Reliable First Aid Kit

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Any suggestions for an inexpensive first aid kit I can BUY, that covers a wide span of wilderness injuries

Small / Compact
Reliable & High quality

I would prefer something that focuses more on using gauze rolls and tape to cover wounds, instead of a hundred different kinds of band-aids that all do the same thing, but come in different shapes...
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Just a little more.
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We have been going over this at my house. I'd suggest making your own since you seem to have an idea on how you want it to be specialized. Get a container approx the size you are looking for and go to your pharmacy. Most of the time you can assemble one for your needs cheaper than you can buy one that has to be modified. The small pocket tackle box can be a good place to start.

I've been thinking about using one of the larger boxes and filling each smaller utility box as an independent first aid kit or a specialized kit. Trauma, burn, wound care, etc.

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Pick any two :)

I know I know, no help. What about those liquid band aids? I dont know how well they work though.

Gauze pads and ace wraps can cure cancer though... Okay maybe not cancer but you get the point.

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Get yourself a large fishing tackle box with the fold up trays. Build your own kit. When you go to sections here on things you need in your kit it will give you a better understanding of what you have and what you need. One thing you may not get off the shelf is a GI surgery kit in pouch. this is very handy to have. Best thing to do is buy all the products and a really good first aid manual and then buy your box or bag to put it in. the more you do yourself the better it will be when you need it.

Don't forget prescription medications you and your loved ones take on a regular basis. If possible get at least a 6 month to 1 year supply of generics to store in your kit. Rotate all meds. Like food use what you have and replace.

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Super glue works better and is cheaper than that instant skin stuff....I cut off a small amount of the tip of my finger in 2006 and could not stop the bleeding my sister put a few drops on and no more bleeding. My finger is just fine now!

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goto walmart. grab the 9 buck kits. shoot buy 2. find a 11in canvas tool bag or a small tool box. if you can grab one of those 4 pistol cases they work a treat as well. now add one of the kits. and then add some cotex pad's from the local nothing over a dollar store. grabs some ace bandages. some superglue. second skin as well. add some aspirin Tylenol and ibuprofen. when you have shorts that are dirty but clean. IT stained. cut them into strips and sterilize. with these i would vacumn seal them. then you can add things like butterfly bandages and suture kits if you like. after you have that one take the second and replace any used items and duplicate. oh forgot nitril gloves. and always rotate the stock and check to make sure everything is still good.

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get a $5 fanny pack. Put some bandages, tape and a bottle of ASA. Fill the rest up with bandaids. That is what you will use the most, then you can buy what you need, for what you do? if you are outdoors, antiseptic, sting relief, Epipen if you need. Welder or work in a kitchen? burn cream, larger bandages burns and cuts. you get the point.

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I have two

One in my truck, one in my BOB.

The one in my BOB is geared for wilderness hiking. It contains:
2 x 6 x 8 Bag with credit card holder pockets
antibiotic Band aids
4x4 Pads
Gauze roll
2 tampons
2 tubes ambisol (used this to take fish hook out of a friend once)
2 Iodine pouches & betadyne
Dental Floss
flossing picks
triple antibiotic ointment
Sunscrean SPF30
burn cream
duct tape, electrical tape, medical tape
medical scissors
needle & thread
External stick on thermometer
Ace Bandage
Pull over ankle support

For the truck, same as hiking, but drop the ace bandage, ankle support and bag and add:
Hunting Fanny Pack inside a Large Tupperware Container
2 Roadside Flares
cpr mask w/valve
more 4x4s

Ask anyone who has ever actually done CPR in real life, you will get vomited on if you ever have to do it. For $6 on amazon, its cheap and effective. Good Christmas gift :)
Other items I am considering adding to this one:
Intibation tube $3
Portable Defib
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