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How stubborn are you?

  • I will go down with the ship if I have to, just to avoid admitting I was wrong - which I never am.

    Votes: 4 25.0%
  • I'm very stubborn - except when my wife says I can't be.

    Votes: 5 31.3%
  • I've been known to change a closely held belief or two.

    Votes: 7 43.8%
  • Wishy washy? That's me!

    Votes: 0 0.0%
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Just wondering how many of you are as stubborn as I am.

Seems to me like there are a few people here who are set in their ways. Just curious.

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Be thankful if you have a stubborn streak,
Refined it is one of the best leadership qualities a person can have.
Unrefined ,however, there is no repsect for othere and it is a very selfich trait to have.
Stubborness is like a horse that wont go to water.(unrefined)
Being set in our ways is usually a person convicted of their beleifs and wants to stand on them.....however with reason he will change his mind.
I have read many on here who have been humble enough to admit they are wrong sometimes and even change their thinking on an issue.
that is why I come back, because there are alot of good people who have passionate beliefs, respect others.
I think we all can be stubborn sometimes, but tomorrow is another day and we are all able to change, that is human nature.

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:thumb:why change when you are perfect.:thumb:
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