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Stove from bud light bottle

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I've tried to find those kinds of bottles around here and can't. Must be regional or seasonal.
These Aluminum bottles are called "Stadium Bottles" because You
can take them into places where glass bottles are banned.

Some Walmarts have Budweiser or Bud Lite in them.

Mountain Dew is starting to use them. They have a shorter neck
and a different shape to the bottom, but still make a good stove.


What are they using for fule?
This Stove burns Alcohol.

Denatured Alcohol from a hardware store or Walmart (Paint Dept),

Or Methanol (Heet gas line antifreeze in the Yellow bottle),

or Pure Grain Ethanol (Everclear from Your Liquor store).

Isopropol Rubbing Alcohol (70% or 91%) may work in a pinch, but
it's not a good fuel on it's own. You can mix it 50/50 with Methanol
(Yellow Heet) if You want to save money.

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I tried building a couple of these awhile back. They were fuctional , but I won't try to build one again.
The bottle material is too heavy to cut with a hack saw and too light to cut with a pipe cutter. Best done with a power radial saw.
The bottles are not as popular as cans . Harder to come by.

All in all if you are thinking of doing this the costs you will incur will most likely match the "White Box Stove " on Ebay. The white Box stove has better construction.
Hope this helps.
Here's a very well built model with a priming wick. It's 10.00

Here's a demo video:

This model has remote fueling capabilitys. It's 20.00

Here's a Demo video:

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