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Storing food in mylar is one of the mysteries of prepping sometimes. We've collected an index of many applicable threads that should help you find information on some of the foods to store and how to store them. If you know of another thread that should be included, please post a link in this thread and we'll update the index. If there is another category you can think of, again, post it in this thread and we'll be glad to try to add it.

The moderators and staff of SB forums sincerely hopes this thread will assist you in your storage plans. Enjoy!

Specific Threads


Spices in mylar?
storage for powders (baking soda/powder, spices, etc)
Storing spices in mylar

Information on Spices:
Mixing your own spices
Looking for Bulk Spices
Never thought about spices much...
What spices would you buy and how much?
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Herb Drying

Tea Bags

Sweet Iced Tea?
A Question on Tea?
LTS Tea added 12/4/2014

Baking Soda

Storing Baking Soda?


How do you properly store sugar?
storing sugar and salt in Mylar bags
No absorber with sugar?
Whats the Shelf Life of Sugar, Salt?
What type of salt should I stock up on?
Salt Question

Splenda, Equal and Sweet & Low

Splenda, Sweet & Low, to store?


Storing Pasta

Pasta in Mylar Bags] Added 7/26/2014


Storing Bisquick???


Beef jerky in mylar bags


Coffee, key to survival
Long term storage of coffee
Can Ground Coffee Be Stored?
Coffee StorageAdded 7/ 26/2014

Oil, Shortening

Storing oil or shortening powder

Long Term Cache

Food for long term caching

Powdered Eggs

How to store powdered eggs, shortening?
Storing dried whole eggs
Repackaging a 50 pound bag of powdered eggs

Mac & Cheese

Little Mylar Bags & Kraft Mac & Cheese
Long Term Mac N Cheese Storage??


Storing oats in mylar bags

Milk, Potato Flakes

Mylar bags and powdered milk?
powdered milk
Instant Potatoes vs. Rice
Long Term Storage for Dry Milk and Potato Flakes


Flour storage?
Storing flour as opposed to raw wheat. thoughts?
Can I store flour in a mylar bag inside a bucket?
question about storing flour

General Items

Other Items: Rice, Beans, Wheat, Legumes, Pasta etc.

Food Storage. How to? How much? What to store?
Brown and wild rice
Storage of rice?
Storing rice beans and oats in mylar bags for shtf
Packaged dry goods...
Homemade Superpails
What is the best way to store the Lipton/Knorr Pasta Noodles Packs?
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DIY food storage basics
Long Term Storage of FOOD
Mylar Bag Food Storage?
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Hate to cover old ground ...
rice storage questions from my DH
which kind of rice stores long-term the best ?
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Additional long term storage items????????
Storing Variety of Foods in 5 Gallon Buckets

Oxygen (O2) Absorbers

Question concerning oxygen absorbers.
Which of these require/don't require oxygen absorbers?
question about O2s
20 pack of o2's will I have to use them immediately?
Re Oxygen absorbers from the LDS church
Mylar and 02 ???
Oxygen Absorber Use

Mylar, & Mylar Sealing

Mylar Bag Supplier List Added 6/27/2015
Getting Good Mylar Seals - My Secret
Asking input from experienced mylar bag packers and users
Sealing 7mil mylar bags with iron or hair straightener?
Mylar bag sealing
Heavy duty Mylar bags.
Mylar Bags and Oxygen Absorbers
Mylar Bags O2 Absorber Desiccant Pack Information
Mylar - Big or Small bags?
To use Mylar or not to use Mylar that is the question...
1st mylar experience
Mylar, buckets, and such
smaller mylar packages within 5 gal container
Mylar Bags for food storage
which mylar bag size to use
What is "mylar bags"
Update on Mylar Storage. Problem?

Other Uses for Vacuum Packer

Using Capri Sun Pouches For Storage

Capri Sun pouch Mylar MRE/ Mini rations -pics
Storage in capri Sun Pouches
Re-using Capri Sun Pouches

Some Cross-Section Threads that you may find helpful

Pantry Porn: 320 sq. ft. of preps - w/ diatomaceous earth & yeast
Meals In Jar Recipes
Practicing With Preps
Testing Mylared Popcorn (added 3/17/2014)

Peas and Carrots!
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How much flour?

On average, 6 2/3 pounds of flour fits in a one gallon mylar bag.
There are 3 1/3 cups of flour per pound, therefore about 22 cups of flour fit in a one gallon bag.

It takes 3 1/2 - 4 cups of flour for a loaf of bread, 2 1/2 cups for a batch of biscuits.

If you make only bread a one gallon bag will be enough flour for 6 loaves of bread and a pan of gravy.

I have some flour stored in one gallon bags and some in 5 gallon buckets. For short-term emergencies when I need to dip into stored foods the one gallon bags are enough to have. But, if we are in a longer term crisis, the 5 gallon buckets will be used up much faster than you think. When we are put in the position that every single thing consumed by our families is made from scratch in our own kitchens, the basic supplies are used much faster than you realize.

If you make 2 loaves of bread a week, three pans of biscuits a week, one cake or cookies of some sort, and use a little in your cooking, you will be using about 18 cups of flour a week. That means your gallon bag of flour will last a week plus one loaf of bread.

I don't know what type of zipper lock bags you are referring to but if it is the regular clear plastic ones you get in the store in a box, they aren't oxygen barriers and O2 absorbers won't help because more oxygen will just get into the bag.

Peas and Carrots!
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Thank you. Haven't had the courage to try this yet.Will read through and give it a try.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. No one ever learned much of anything sitting in a room by themselves and you shouldn't have to either. We're at all different stages in our food storage plans and efforts so someone will be able to help you with your questions. :)

Peas and Carrots!
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The problem with stickies is people often don't think to look at htem. One thing that might be a possibility is one sticky with a list of the threads people find useful. That way it will only be one list but might help the people that would look for it most often.

But the general plan is bumping for visibility.

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The problem with stickies is people often don't think to look at htem. One thing that might be a possibility is one sticky with a list of the threads people find useful. That way it will only be one list but might help the people that would look for it most often.

But the general plan is bumping for visibility.
Sounds like a plan:cool:
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