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Storing Dehydrated Foods

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Could I get some tips on storage of dehydrated foods. I am getting an excalibur and want to do a myriad of dehydrated foods. Not sure what or how to store them to extend there shelf life.
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If it's stuff you are gonna use within a year or so, just vacuum seal in jars and store in a cool, dark place. If it's stuff you want to last longer than that, then you'll want to add an O2 absorber before you vacuum seal it. You can also use mylar instead of jars. I just like the jars because that way I can use them to store dehydrated stuff or can with them.

You are gonna LOVE your Excalibur. Also, if you haven't seen it yet, check out this website:

She also has a bunch of YouTube videos ...
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Mylar and O2 absorbers are the general method used for max storage life.
Since when have you ever known me to be "general"?? :D:

(And I say for "max" storage life order from Honeyville or Emergency Essentials! :D: Some things are too much like work! ;) -- But ... point taken! :thumb:)
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I never said your way didn't work! :upsidedown: :D:

I'm just clumsy and break things too easy to have glass jars all over the place. I'm always worried about my home canning even. But I've been lucky so far. Well sorta anyway. I did have to shampoo the dining room carpet after dropping a jar of salsa. Even with the soft carpet, the damned thing decided to break anyway.
Well, I do have to admit that after those earthquakes this last year I was kinda re-thinking my "general" plan ... :eek: :D:
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I no longer use my excalibur dehydrator after none of my dehydrated foods lasted even a year. all that food, all that money spent, all that hard work, and the food didnt even survive one year...
I'd be curious to know what happened to you also. I've had nothing but stellar results with mine so far. Well, except for the banana slices I dipped in lemon juice -- man those things were TART! :xeye::D:
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"dipped in lemon juice"

This is one of those things that would taste very, very bad or very,very good. I'm thinking no in between at all. :)
Boy, you ain't kidding!! The hubby LOVES them. :confused: If it were up to me we'd dice those things up and feed them to the chickens! :taped:
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