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Lets talk about stockpiling food, ammo and fishing supplies for some kind of long term SHTF situation. These are the supplies that will be used to feed and protect your family if, or when, the SHTF. There is no perfect survival plan, and only the fool says otherwise. Its because of this admission that my plans have changed over the years.

My food stockpile has gone from simple stockpiling beans and rice plans, to something a little more complex.

In the ammunition category, my plans have gone from having various rounds stockpiled, to taking inventory, and trying to standardize my SHTF ammo stockpile.

The fishing category is where I am currently having the most fun. I have gone from just stockpiling fishing supplies to running trotlines and testing my fishing plans.

Stockpiling Food:

10 – 15 years ago I was stockpiling beans, rice, MREs, canned goods and some garden seed. My plans were to head to the bug out location, plant a garden, and hunt for fresh meat. It was a simple plan that had a lot of holes.

About 6 or 7 years ago I decided to focus more on gardening, and less on hunting. My family and I started planting fruit trees (peach, pear, apple, plum,,,) and I started stockpiling more garden seed. Then came along the drought of 2010 and 2011. In the past 2 years this part of Texas is at least 3 feet low on rainfall. Lake Sam Rayburn is about 9 feet low as of when this article was written. The long solution to a long term survival plan is having a self-sustaining farm and garden. In the face of global climate change getting a farm and garden up and running from scratch is going to be a little difficult.

About a year ago I decided to change my plans again and add mylar bags, and some homemade superpails to my SHTF food stockpile. So now we have mylar bags, MREs, canned goods, fruit trees and garden seeds. In the mylar bags I stored beans, rice, oats, pancake mix, pasta,,,, and a few other things.

In the face of climate change, my plans have changed yet again.

Instead of relying entirely on hunting for meat, and beans for protein, I decided its time to bite the bullet and start stockpiling #10 cans of freeze dried meats, fruit and certain vegetables.

Recent #10 can purchase includes:

2 – Diced Broccoli
1 – Beef Stew
1 – Spaghetti with meat and sauce
1 – Chili mac with beef

My current plans include #10 cans of freeze dried meats, fruit, veggies; mylar bags of rice, beans, oats, pasta,,,, MREs, Eversafe meals, canned goods, garden seeds, fruit trees, and places to hunt at the bug out location.

The food in mylar bags is for side dishes, where the food in #10 cans is going to be for the main dish, and a second side dish. Lets say that we open a can of chili mac. For a side dish we could open a bag of rice and a #10 can of broccoli. This would provide a meal of chili mac, rice and broccoli.

Stockpiling Ammunition:

My ammo preps have stayed pretty much to same over the past 15+ years. There are 2 categories – defensive ammunition and hunting ammunition.

Defensive ammunition: This is your typical low cost ball ammo. With this stuff you want to make sure its reliable, accurate, and low cost.

Hunting ammo – this is your pointed softpoint, remington core-lokt,,,,,, stuff designed for hunting.

Here lately I have been switching between buying 30-30 and 308 Remington core-lokt ammunition. One week I buy a box of 30-30, the next week I buy a box of 308. Add some random 223 and 7.62×39 into the mix, and you have a combination of hunting and defensive ammo.

Recent ammunition purchases:

7 boxes Monarch 223 Remington 55 grain full metal jacket
5 boxes Monarch 7.62×39 123 grain full metal jacket
1 box 30-30 Remington core-Lokt 150 grain soft point
1 box Monarch 308 Winchester 145 grain full metal jacket

Stockpiling fishing supplies:

Fishing is what I am currently playing around with, and to be honest, fishing is fun. Whether its throwing a lure into the water, setting a trotline or throwing out some noodles, you never know what you’re going to pull up.

Recent fishing supply purchases include:

1 box – Berkley Trilene XL 12 pound test
1 spool – Ande monofilament 50 pound test
1 box – Mustard 11/0 circle hooks (25 hooks)

In the fishing gear category, I have been stockpiling trotline string, hooks, leader material, weights, lures, snaps, swivels,,,, and just about everything else I can get my hands on.

In Review:

By stockpiling #10 cans of freeze dried foods, food stored in mylar bags, ammunition and fishing supplies, we have the ability to feed our family, hunt, provide security and fish.

In this article we mentioned stockpiling seeds and having a garden, but did not cover those topics depth. The topics of seeds and gardening are covered in depth in other articles. Its not that one option is the complete solution, but its a combination of options that makes for a well rounded solution.

By having so many sources of food, we have multiple failure points. If a drought sets in and we have to irrigate the fields, we have food stored in mylar bags, hunting, fishing and #10 cans. If the hunting party comes back empty handed we can open some canned goods, maybe a #10 can, mylar bagof rice and have a great meal.

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I just ordered 1000 9mm FMJ bullets and 1000 .45 bullets over the weekend (I reload).

I reloaded 750 rounds of 9mm this weekend.

I'll be buying some more fats and oils today. Probably stop at Aldi and pick up a couple flats of fruits and vegetables, and as I always do, more TP.

I don't do the fishing thing because around here it's not a major source of food.

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I do have a small creek that borders my property, about the size you have kev from your video's.

There is small fish, crayfish in there...rarley something larger than a pound or two in the larger areas mostly in the bends of the creek where it get 4-5 feet deep.

I have bought a cast net for that type of thing....but I do need to give this area more attention other than just water gathering.

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I've gone about in a different order but also have multiple venues as backups. I started the fruit tress over a decade ago, so I do have many mature fruit producing trees. And I'm always adding to them, plus nut trees.

The garden has been a part of my plans too, though I'm really late coming onto the 'survivalist' reality. I've just grown up with one at my parents house and decided I'd have one once I got my own place and wasn't renting anymore. It's not large but that can always change depending on what's happening in the world. We usually have plenty of rain but this year has been an exception to the rule and the summer has been far to dry.

I've got both hunting and fishing gear though I haven't spent any time in the last few years doing these things. I even have a major river within a half mile so that's always an option. Hunting here isn't much more then small game. Biggest thing around seems to be groundhogs or raccoons. I've yet to even see a bunny rabbit, though squirrel are still plentiful.

And since coming here just over a year ago I definitely saw a big problem with no stored grains and beans. That has been taken care of to the point of having at least a years supply.

There are still a multitude of gaps in my plans but I think I'm well ahead of almost everyone else around this part of the country. In my neighborhood I can't even find a garden or fruit and nut trees in anyone's yard. (and I look all the time while walking the dogs)

Probably the next thing for me would be water collection off the roofs tied into drip irrigation for the garden.
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I'm sure I have a few holes in my preps, mostly in water storage! With work being so slow it's hard to invest in drums and have limited storage areas without it being outside and unprotected! Until I retire and relocate to a more suitable survival location, I'm kind of stuck with what I have!
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