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Starting a small first aid/survival kit for my everyday backpack, need help...

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Hey guys!
As the title states I'm starting a very small first aid/survival kit to carry around in my everyday backpack (going to university every day) and I have a few questions.

What are the essentials I should carry?

I currently have :
-Magnesium Flint
-Small Folding Knife
-Pen/Pencil and paper pad
-Emergency Blanket
-Bar of Soap
-Q-tips (like 20~)

(Medicine + First Aid)
-8x alcohol swabs
-8x plasters
-13x Tylenol 3s (300mg + 30mg codeine) (leftover from a medical procedure I had)
-30 generic Ibuprofen (200mg)

I know I need stuff like gauze sponges, triangular bandages, tape, etc.

But I'm wondering what you guys recommend.

Also, can I use NON-STERILE gauze sponges on a wound if I disinfect the general area before or no? Thanks!

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First Aid Kit


If you have sterile gauze that is great but the reality is that no wound is going to be sterile. Flush it out with copious amounts of water to get it as clean as possible and bandage it the best you can even if it means using a shirt. Sterile bandages will only stay sterile in a sterile environment.

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