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Starting a small first aid/survival kit for my everyday backpack, need help...

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Hey guys!
As the title states I'm starting a very small first aid/survival kit to carry around in my everyday backpack (going to university every day) and I have a few questions.

What are the essentials I should carry?

I currently have :
-Magnesium Flint
-Small Folding Knife
-Pen/Pencil and paper pad
-Emergency Blanket
-Bar of Soap
-Q-tips (like 20~)

(Medicine + First Aid)
-8x alcohol swabs
-8x plasters
-13x Tylenol 3s (300mg + 30mg codeine) (leftover from a medical procedure I had)
-30 generic Ibuprofen (200mg)

I know I need stuff like gauze sponges, triangular bandages, tape, etc.

But I'm wondering what you guys recommend.

Also, can I use NON-STERILE gauze sponges on a wound if I disinfect the general area before or no? Thanks!

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No one has an opinion? XD
I forgot about YOUR protection:
- disposable gloves
- mouth barrier in case you have to do CPR
Hehe, forgot I had a pocket mask with nitrile gloves ;) Thanks!
If my name and doctor it was issued from is on the bottle, am I all right? (Came like this from the pharmacy)
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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