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New in stock.

These are quality stainless steel 5-piece mess kits.
$14.99 + shipping
I'm including a FREE p-38 G.I. can opener with each mess kit.

Stainless Steel won't change the taste of your food.
Fry Pan with rubber coated stay cool handle
Meal Plate(Doubles as fry pan lid).
Soup pan with steel handle and lid.
Plastic Drinking Cup
FREE P-38 Micro Can Opener

I also have more new additions to the store viewable on my stores homepage.
Aurora Fire Steels
GSA Complaint Paracord
Waterproof notebooks
Waterproof matches
Pocket stoves
....and more.

Thank You for looking :eek::

Limpin to safety.
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Those stainless steel sets are awesome. WAY better than the aluminum Dent magnets.

Forewarning, the packaging might say "contains lead" but that's due to a stupid California law that says all metals may contain lead.

Using these are also a great way to not get alzheimer's.

The plastic cup though is garbage unless it says it's bpa free which I'm sure it isn't.

Over all, excellent deal Doug! Great price, I might grab one myself!
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